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After "I Do's" - How to Avoid the Post Wedding Blues


It may not seem like the happiest topic to discuss, but the post wedding blues are a very real thing. After months (and even years!) of planning, it's perfectly natural to feel a little let down after the big day. After all you just went through a pretty major life change, albeit a lovely one, so cut yourself some slack and take the time to adjust. But remember there's also no need to wallow! We've compiled our best tips for keeping the post wedding blues at bay so you can focus on what really matters. Enjoying your next chapter as newlyweds.

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Beating the Post Wedding Blues

Change Your Perspective

First things first, don't look at your wedding as an ending, because it isn't! Just because the party planning is over doesn't mean there is nothing left to look forward to. Think about the vows you just made and your commitment to your partner as you start this adventure. Viewing your wedding as jumping off point for the rest of your life can be truly inspiring and exciting. So start daydreaming about your next move! Decorate your new home and enjoy the fact that you just did a really amazing thing together.

Make the 'Everyday' Special

Adding a bit of extravagance to your daily routine will make the mundane seem shiny and new again. So make a point to light candles at dinner or pick up a fancy new body scrub for the shower. Treating yourself to the smallest of luxuries will help a lot more than you think. Because even the simplest life is a beautiful one.

Plan Your Next Adventure

If you're not rushing off to your honeymoon the day after your wedding this is the perfect time to get excited and start planning! Save some of the work so you still have a few loose ends to tie up and something new to look forward to. Because it's impossible to be down in the dumps when you know a romantic getaway is right around the corner! Or, if you're taking an lengthy, extended break before your honeymoon, plan a weekend getaway to a neighboring city. Exploring somewhere new together is exactly the kind of memory builder you're probably craving. Or be tourists in your own town and treat yourself to a night of relaxation at a local spa or bed and breakfast. The options are endless, so get out there and explore!

Take Time for Self Care

It's so important to take a step back and ask yourself where the sad feelings are stemming from. Do you miss the pampering or the planning? Because once you know the answer to that, finding a way to resolve those emotions is so much easier. So if what you need to feel better is a bottle of wine and a bath full of bubbles, indulge yourself! Chances are you've been giving wedding planning your sole focus for awhile, so taking the time to check back in with yourself is huge.

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Clean House

Sometimes throwing your energy at a project you've been neglecting is the shift in focus you need. So take care of all of the things you put on the back burner while you were wedding planning. Been meaning to go through your closet and donate old clothes? Now is the time! Have you been saying for the last year that you want a new color on your bedroom walls? Go grab a paintbrush! Not only will crossing things off your list feel incredibly cathartic, but you'll also free up you calendar to start inviting new projects into your life.

Find a New Hobby

Fill up the time you used to spend wedding planning with something new and exciting. Join a book club, get a membership to a rock climbing gym, or simply plan a weekly coffee date with your best friends. Having something new to look forward to will help keep your spirits up. And you might surprise yourself by finding a hidden talent or passion you never knew you had!

Reconnect with Friends and Family

Now is a great time to redefine your relationships with friends and family. Because just as you enter a new chapter in your life, so do your emotional connections. Make some long phone calls, take your mom out to lunch and just spend some time relaxing with your favorite people.

Confide in Your New Partner

This seems like an obvious one, but if you're really feeling bummed out, talk to your partner about it. Sometimes the best release for all of those pent up emotions is to just say them out loud. Because you're probably not the only one trying to decipher post wedding blues. Plan a nice meal at home and start talking about all of the new memories you can't wait to make together. You'll be enjoying newly-wedded bliss in no time.

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