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Choosing your Wedding Theme - Things to Consider


Congratulations! You're engaged! Now, before you dive into the craziness that is wedding planning, you need to nail down a theme. Your wedding theme is the glue that ties the entire event together. From the invitations to the favors, your theme showcases who you are as a couple and provides structure for your planning. And it can be anything! A favorite color, event, era, or even location all make great wedding themes. The trick is to narrow it down enough that your wedding feels cohesive and well put together. But you also want to leave yourself plenty of room to be creative. Check out our useful guidelines below!


Chances are your venue is already a great jumping off point in defining your wedding theme. For example, if you've booked the gorgeous 1920's hotel ballroom of your're probably not going to want to throw a rainbow themed reception. Take inspiration from the landscape and architecture that already exists and you may just find your theme falls right into place.

choosing your wedding theme


The time of year can play a huge role in choosing your wedding theme. Lean into the season with locally grown flowers and produce. Plan a horse drawn hayride for your guests in the fall, or swap it for a sleigh in winter! Use colors and textures that celebrate the exuberance of spring or the sweet, laziness of summer. Mother Nature went ahead and took all of the guesswork out of wedding planning and chose your theme for you!

wedding theme season


Think ahead 40 years. You're sitting your front porch reminiscing about your wedding day with your sweetheart. Do you still love every little detail from that day? Yes? Great! Then you chose a wedding theme that stood the test of time. Avoid choosing a theme that is too "in the moment" trendy. Your Walking Dead wedding may seem hilarious now, but could loose some of its luster later on down the road. Consider compromising with a zombie cake, and avoid putting your bridesmaids in full gore makeup.


Consider how you want your guests to feel at your wedding. Do you want them to walk away feeling like they've just attended the party of the year? Or send them away daydreaming about their own romantic fairy tale? Decide the tone of your wedding and the themes that play along those good vibes. We can't get enough of this dreamy woodland fairy tale wedding.

wedding ceremony theme

Must Haves

What can't you live without? Do you have a color palette you adore? Are peonies the ONLY flower for you? Make sure you know which elements you absolutely must have, and plan your theme around them. This Marrygrams bride took her love for succulents and created her entire wedding around them!

wedding theme succulents


Regardless of the outcome, make sure you choose a theme that celebrates the two of you as a couple. You want your wedding to reflect the passions you share and the life you are going to create together. Make sure your groom feels included, after all, its his big day too!


And when in doubt, delegate! If you have a bridesmaid with a passion for DIY or a planner known for her unique, over the top wedding themes, lean on those who know you best to help make your wedding theme daydreams a reality. And whatever your theme, Marrygrams has cards and stationery to fit every style and budget. Let us help put the finishing touches on your big day with menus, place cards, programs, favor tags and more!

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