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Creative Place Cards - Display Ideas & Inspiration

In the age of the Instagram wedding, brides are coming up with more creative ways to add detail to their big day. Because gone are the old days of a few simple bridal portraits for your scrapbook. Your photographer will document everything from your earrings to the appetizers, immortalizing all of the hard work you've put into planning. And your guests certainly will too. So place cards are a great way to show off your style and decorate your table. Not only are the following ideas absolutely gorgeous, but they're useful! From wine cork holders to individual succulents, these clever cards will guide your guests to the right seat and give them a great photo-op to boot!

Creative Place Cards - Inspiration for the Modern Bride

Wine Corks

For the couple who loves a full-bodied red. Wine corks make adorable (and affordable!) holders. And our flat place cards are the perfect size for this easy DIY. Start creating yours here!
unique wedding place cards wine corks

Agate Coasters

These stunning agate place cards combine two powerhouse trends in one! Crystals and hand lettering are all the rage in wedding planning right now and it's easy to see why.
unique place cards agate coasters

Clothes Pins

Nothing says shabby chic quite like chicken wire and clothespins! We love the sweet simplicity of this display by Marrygrams Bride, Emily. Did you know that we can print your place cards on multiple paper colors to distinguish meal choices? Get started here!
unique place cards clothespins

Mini Liquor Bottles

Tying your place cards to your wedding favors is a great way to ensure each guest remembers to grab one. Bottoms up!
unique wedding place cards mini liquor bottles

Ceramic Tiles

Leftover tiles from your kitchen remodel? Turn them into place cards! These pretty tiles make great favors for your guests to take home.
unique wedding place cards ceramic tiles


I'm a succ-a for an excuse to bring home new plant babies. So I would have loved to be a guest at Marrygrams Bride Connie's wedding!
(Pst! We used our Rectangle Favor Tag die to make these darling place cards. If you want something done that you don't see on our site, please reach out! We'd love to help turn your vision into reality!)
unique wedding place cards


This one takes a bit of planning but is so worth the final result. Have photos of your guests printed (or take Polaroids at your engagement party) and write their table information on the border. They find their face to find their table!
unique wedding place cards polariods

River Rocks

Perfect for the outdoorsy couple, hand lettered river rocks make great place cards. Display them in moss lined metal trays for a look that is both soft and industrial.
unique wedding place cards river rocks


Break out your paper folding skills and make individual origami boats as place card holders. This is a fun project to complete with your bridesmaids over a bottle (or two!) of champagne.
unique wedding place cards origami diy

Oyster Shells

We're convinced there is no better choice for your beach wedding than hand-lettered oyster shells!
unique wedding place cards oyster shells


Spray painted miniature pumpkins will put the finishing touch on your fall reception. A small slice in the stem is all you need to keep your Marrygrams escort cards in place.
unique wedding place cards mini pumpkins

Skeleton Keys

You can find piles of vintage skeleton keys at your local antique store. Tie on your place cards with a satin ribbon and you're done! (Hint: Our rectangle favor tags would work perfectly with these!)
unique wedding place cards skeleton keys


Another great antique store find are vintage glass ornaments. Hang them from a wreath or garland and attach your guests names to the hook. They will love these festive favors!
unique wedding place cards holiday ornaments


Tiny appetizer forks are the secret to this super simple DIY. Attach the names with some hot glue and stick the forks in a truffle and your guests will have their place card and eat it too!
unique wedding place cards truffles

Hand Lettered Leaves

The great thing about leaves is that they work for any time of year! Use orange and reds in the fall, olive in the winter, and bright new greens in the spring and summer! They are also super eco friendly and you won't feel guilty tossing them away after your big day.
unique wedding place cards calligraphy leaves

Mini Frames

Teeny tiny, individual frames add a unique elegance to your wedding table. These sweet place cards from a Marrygrams Bride also include meal choice graphics.
unique wedding place cards mini picture frames

Pine cones

Getting married in the winter? Or the forest? Pine cone holders are a darling choice for your woodsy wedding.
unique wedding place cards pine cone holders

Fortune Tellers

Bring out your inner child with these blast from the past place cards! Not only are they interactive and fun, but they're super easy to make yourself!
unique wedding place cards fortune tellers

Tiny Paintings

Embrace your inner artist with these whimsical place cards. Get tiny canvases and easels at your local craft store and just have some fun with paint! After the wedding, each guest will get a totally unique miniature painting to take home!
unique wedding place cards mini paintings

Less is More

And sometimes a classic is a classic for a reason. There are few things as satisfying as rows of perfectly aligned place cards. With or without a fancy holder.
unique wedding place cards marrygrams
Did you display your place cards in a fun and unique way? Share them with us on Instagram using #marrygrams! And if you're inspired and ready to create your own we can help you get started right here!

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