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Elopement - Do's and Don'ts for Spontaneous Nupitals


Whether you are on a tight budget or just can't even with the planning anymore, a surprise elopement may be the answer to your wedding woes. And let's be honest, it's hard to think of a wedding trend more romantic. Just follow our few key Do's and Don'ts below and start planning the tiny wedding of your dreams.

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DO: Prepare your Loved Ones

The most common concern when a couple decides to elope is the backlash from friends and family who may be hurt not to be included. While this is understandable, it's far from a deal breaker. If you know people will be upset by your decision, talk to them beforehand. The worst way for them to find out about your marriage is via a Facebook post after the fact. So take the time to let those close to you in on the secret and explain your reason for doing so. Chances are, their disappointment will turn into excitement pretty quickly.

DON'T: Feel Guilty

It doesn't matter if you get married in front of 1 or 100 people, your wedding is about YOU. So don't let anybody make you feel guilty for opting out of a traditional ceremony.

DO: Hire a Photographer

Trust us. It's worth a little bit of extra planning to make sure somebody is there to document your vows, professionally. Not only will you not feel rushed to get your photos done during your cocktail hour, but gorgeous photos of your elopement will make your friends and family feel included in a way that a few quick iPhone shots will not. And get creative! Choosing to elope means you have plenty of time to plan stunning portraits that celebrate the excitement and romance of the occasion.

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DON'T: Forget the Legal Details

Make sure you know the rules for marriage licensing in your state. Some require a three day waiting period to obtain a license, which can put a bit of a damper on a spontaneous decision to tie the knot.

DO: Ask about Vendor Discounts

Who says you can't have a gorgeous, catered meal just because your guest list tops out at 3? Many vendors offer special elopement packages and discounts you just wouldn't get otherwise.

DON'T: Be Afraid to do a Little Planning

Okay, so it seems like an oxymoron to plan an elopement, but hear us out. If you've never wanted the big, white wedding, but you've always wanted the big, white dress, go for it! Eliminating the guest list doesn't mean you have to eliminate all of the little things that make weddings so fun!

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DO: Share the Joy!

Now it's time to celebrate! And a few small gestures can go a long way in making your loved ones feel included. When you get the password to your photo gallery, share it with your closest friends and family for a "sneak peek" of your big day. Or send your "would be" guest list custom wedding cards with a few of your favorite images tucked inside. You know they're dying to see them!

And don't forget to just slow down and enjoy your special day. Just because it's small doesn't mean it won't fly by.


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