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Gorgeous Wedding Trends You Can Expect To See in 2019


The new year is barely here and we are already seeing some incredible wedding trends for 2019. From decorative food walls to custom neon signs, 2019 brides are pulling out all the stops. Check out some of our favorite trends below and get inspired! It's time to start wedding planning!

2019 Wedding Trends We Love

Classic, Simple Gowns

Brides are taking inspiration from Megan Markle and are keeping their gown silhouettes clean, classic and simple. Expect a return to satin and traditional gown styles this year for a look that is timeless and elegant.

2019 wedding trends simple gown

Natural Beauty Looks

Natural makeup looks and loose hairstyles are having a moment in 2019.

2019 wedding trends hair and makeup

More Mixed Bridal Parties

Mixed gender bridal parties continue to be one of the more popular wedding trends and we are here for it! (And we have will you be my cards for everyone!)

2019 wedding trends mixed bridal parties


More Greenery Less Florals

Brides are choosing to use a few favorite blooms to accent big bouquets of greenery. Expect lots of unique textures in floral arrangements and cascading bouquets this year.

2019 wedding trends flowers greenery

Textured Place Settings

The texture doesn't stop at flowers though! Tables full of mixed linens and mismatched flatware give a look that is both effortlessly casual, but very chic.

wedding trends 2019 table settings

Signature Scent

Have you thought about how your wedding reception will smell? Because 2019 brides have! Signature scented candles burning during the reception or gifted as wedding favors are a fun way to customize your wedding day even more.

2019 wedding trends candles signature scent

Herbs & Greens

Fresh herbs add both color and scent to your wedding day decor. And they're an affordable option to add some greenery without breaking the budget. Let your guests take home the herb filled centerpieces as favors and you'll definitely get your money's worth out of this most popular of wedding trends.

2019 wedding trends herbs

Woven Furniture

Wicker furniture isn't just for your grandma's front porch anymore! Add cozy throw pillows and blankets to create a laid back, boho vibe for your reception.

woven furniture 2019 wedding trends

Food as Decor

Who wouldn't want a self serve taco wall at their reception? This is one of the most fun and functional wedding trends we've seen this year. And from donuts to pretzels, this style can be customized to fit any theme.

 taco bar 2019 wedding trends

Interactive Mixology Bar

Signature cocktails are great, but a full self service bar is better. Put out a variety of spirits, mixers and garnishes and watch your guests turn into master mixologists before your eyes.

mixology bar wedding trends 2019 cocktails

Neon & Light Boxes

As far as wedding trends go, this one is by far the coolest. A custom lettered neon sign is exactly the accessory your wedding (and first home together!) needs.

neon lights wedding trends 2019

Handpainted Wedding Cakes

Move over naked cakes, your turn is up! 2019 is all about opulent artistry and it's easy to see why. Hand painted wedding cakes are *almost* too pretty to eat!

painted wedding cakes trends 2019

Local Themed Favors

2019 couples are sharing their hometown pride with guests this year. Wedding favors from your favorite coffee shop, bakery or bar add a unique flair to an old tradition. And you know how we feel about supporting local businesses!

local wedding favors trends 2019

Confetti Send-Offs

Colorful grand exits are still ever popular. But confetti is taking the cake this year for send off wedding trends. Make sure your photographer is ready to capture all of the glittery glory!

confetti send off wedding trends 2019

Which 2019 wedding trends are you loving right now? We can't wait to see how our Marrygrams Brides incorporate them into their own special days.

Don't forget to share your images with us on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

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