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Honoring Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding


Deciding how to honor lost loved ones at your wedding can be a challenging part of the planning process. You want to be sure to strike the right tone of reverence and respect, without disrupting the joyous mood of the occasion. Whether your decide to celebrate them publicly, or privately, we've compiled a list of 9 beautiful ways to honor those you've lost, below.

Memory Table or Photo Collage

Light a candle on a table with mementos and photographs for a beautiful addition to your reception. Include a sign with their names and important life events so your guests can get to know them too.

honoring lost loved ones at your wedding

Tribute in the Ceremony Programs

Your programs are the perfect place to include a memorial tribute, and they make a lovely keepsake after the ceremony.

Bouquet Charm

Attach a small charm or photograph to your bouquet for an intimate reminder that, even though they are gone, they are still walking with you down the aisle.

wedding bouquet memory charm

Something Borrowed

Wear a piece of jewelry or clothing that belonged to them. Not only is it your something borrowed, but its the best way to keep them close to you all day long.

"Save a Seat"

This sweet tradition ensures your lost loved ones a place of honor during the ceremony. Decorate a chair with flowers, a small sign, and photographs so you know they'll be sitting front row on this special day.

wedding memory seat

Moment of Silence

Ask your officiant to include a moment of silence before the vows.

Make a Donation

In lieu of wedding favors, make a donation to their favorite charity.

wedding favor donation cards

Toast to Their Memory

Gather their friends and family members for a private toast before the ceremony. Raise a glass of their favorite drink in celebration of their life.

wedding memory toasts


Did your grandmother make the best chocolate chip cookies? Share her special recipe with your guests as wedding favors! Or if you've been sworn to secrecy, bake up a batch yourself and send your guests home with a nibble. Include a favor tag with an explanation of the treat's significance and they will feel like they've gotten a little chance to know her too.

wedding favor recipe books

Remember, every relationship is different, so there isn't only one way to honor someone's memory at your wedding. If it's special to you, it will be special to everybody else too.



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