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How to use Herbs on Your Wedding Day (& their hidden meanings!)


Including healing herbs and flowers on your wedding day is a tradition that dates all the way back to the Victorian Era. It was believed that what you carry, eat and smell on your big day could have just as much of an impact on your marriage as the person you were meeting at the end of the aisle. 

So it's no surprise that these superstitions have carried their way over into modern wedding planning. (Fun Fact: Most of our modern day wedding traditions stem from Victorian Era principles and ideas.) And since herbs are an affordable, eco-friendly, useful and gorgeous decorating element - dressing them up for today's nuptials is a piece of cake! Follow our guide below for the most popular wedding herbs, their meanings, and how to incorporate them into your own wedding planning. 

Traditional Wedding Herbs & Their Meanings

First things first, you need to choose which herbs you want to bring into your celebration. Whether you choose them for texture, scent, or symbolism - there is no wrong way to do it! Mix and match for a wedding day full of bright, fragrant energy. 


Symbolizes: friendship, loyalty, remembrance 

Use it: in the menu, decor

Rosemary is a kitchen staple for a reason, it's good in just about anything! Add it to your food, the cocktails or tucked into the place settings for your guests to add and enjoy themselves! 

rosemary wedding herbs


Symbolizes: Courage, elegance

Use it: down the aisle

Have your flower girls sprinkle an herb medley down the aisle instead of petals. Include dried thyme and soak up all of that extra courage and grace as you walk to your beloved.

thyme wedding herbs symbolism


Symbolizes: protection, fidelity, warmth

Use it: at the bar

A well stocked bar always includes a bit of fresh mint. Infuse your cocktails with this warming, protective herb and keep your guests feeling cozy and loved.

mint wedding herbs symbolism


Symbolizes: luck, devotion

Use it: Aromatherapy, down the aisle

Known for it's calming, relaxing properties, lavender is a great essential oil to use before you walk down the aisle. Dab a little behind your ears, tuck some dried bundles in your bouquet or wear an infused piece of jewelry to keep your butterflies in check (and you smelling incredible.)

lavender wedding herb symbolism


Symbolizes: good spirits, prosperity, protection

Use it: at the bar, in the menu

Dill is a great herb to include on your tables or in the food itself. It's association with merriment and good spirits make it a perfect addition to your post ceremony festivities.

dill wedding herbs symbolism

Lemon Verbena

Symbolizes: protection, purity, beauty

Use it: in the bouquet

Lemon verbena adds a gorgeous texture and fragrance to any wedding bouquet. Carry it with you for protection and to enhance your own natural beauty.

lemon verbena herb wedding symbolism

Lamb's Ear

Symbolizes: protection, purity, healing

Use it: in your decor

We've never been able to resist the velvety softness of lamb's ear. Add this pretty herb to your floral decorations to add depth and texture.

lambs ear wedding herb symbolism


Symbolizes: festivity, joy, knowledge

Use it: in the menu

Another favorite kitchen staple known for it's festive, joyous qualities. Brighten up your dinner hour with a few sprigs of fresh parsley atop each entree. 

parsley wedding herb symbolism


Symbolizes: joy, luck, good health

Use it: in the menu, table decor

Consider decorating your tables with a variety of these common herbs so your guests can add them to the meal at their own leisure. They keep your table green, lush and gorgeous, and everyone can choose which herbs they love to zest up that chicken!

oregano wedding herbs symbolism


Symbolizes: wisdom, long life

Use it: in the menu, bouquet

Sage is another favorite found in any kitchen, but why stop at the menu? Tuck these soft leaves in your bouquet, or sprinkle them dried down the aisle for a long life full of wisdom. 

 herbs wedding symbolism sage


Symbolizes: usefulness, abundance

Use it: in the menu, decor

There is something so bright and playful about blooming chives. They're great in the meal or as container gardens atop your reception tables.

chives wedding herbs symbolism


Symbolizes: strength, vision

Use it: in the menu

Add fennel to your soup course to start and your guests will be filled with strength and clarity...and delicious soup!

fennel wedding herb symbolism

How to Use Herbs on Your Wedding Day

Once you've chosen your favorites, it's time to figure out how to use them! The ideas below are our favorite ways brides have used these versatile plants on their wedding day. Get creative!


Many of these herbs are known for their restorative and calming properties. Use them in essential oil form, or in big, fresh bundles, to add a signature scent to your big day. 

wedding day herbs essential oil

Bouquet & Boutonniere 

Perhaps the most obvious place to add some extra plant elements are to the flowers you will carry down the aisle. Choose the herbs that symbolize the main elements you want to bring into your marriage and think about them mindfully when tucking them into your bundle. 

herb wedding bouquet herb wedding boutonniere groomsman

Confetti Toss

Dried herbs make a colorful, fragrant and earth friendly confetti alternative. Have your flower girls toss handfuls of herbs down the aisle and give some to your guests to throw in the air in celebration after the "I do's!" 

herb confetti wedding flower toss grand exit

Table Decor

Miniature container gardens make great table decor for your reception (and your guests can pluck fresh leaves for seasoning!) Use a variety of planters and herbs to add depth and texture to your display.

herb container garden wedding table decor

Food & Drink

Fresh herbs add depth of flavor that dried just don't quite compare to. Use a wide variety of herbs in your menu and cocktail planning and get creative with it!

herbal wedding cocktails


We love wedding favors that are as gorgeous as they are practical. So send your guests home with their own individual potted herbs. They'll think of you every time they pluck a sprig for dinner. (Plus they look adorable with a Marrygrams Favor Tag! Get yours here!)

herb wedding favor tag 

Which herbs are you planning on using at your own wedding? Share with us on Instagram!

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