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Marriage Proposal Ideas We Can't Get Enough Of


The story of how you proposed will be one you tell for years to come. And in the world of viral videos and over the top asks, all of that pressure can be a bit daunting. But when it comes to proposing, there really is no one right way to do it. All that matters is that your proposal reflects who you and your partner are as a couple. And that you're asking your most favorite person to spend the rest of their life with you. The rest is just details.

And while your proposal will be perfect no matter how you do it, just make sure it's something your partner would like. (If she's an introvert who loves to stay in, a flash mob in public is probably the wrong move. But hopefully you don't need us to tell you that.)

Thinking about popping the question? Then grab some tissues, cue the waterworks and checkout some of our favorite proposal ideas below!

The Writing's on the Wall

If you thought skywriting was romantic it has nothing on this proposal! Are you handy with a brush and know somebody with a wall that needs repainting? Because there is nothing sweeter than going for a casual walk around the neighborhood and "happening" upon this message.

Pro Tip: Just make sure your graffiti is legal before you bust out the spray paint.

marriage proposal ideas

A Very Married Christmas

There's a reason the holidays are one of the most popular times to propose. Everything is so cozy and warm and you just can't help but feel a little extra love.

marriage proposal ideas

The Indoor Picnic

Take the romantic dinner a step the living room! We love the intimacy of this thoughtful and private proposal.

marriage proposal ideas

The Puppy Proposal

Why not include your fur babies in this most special moment? Trust us, there's no way she will be able to turn down a ring tied to a retriever.

marriage proposal ideas puppy

Go Pro-posal

Hide a Go-Pro in the ring box to capture her reaction when you ask. We're willing to bet it's going to be your new favorite movie.

wedding proposal

Game Night Done Right

How insanely creative is this custom Monopoly board? It has all of their important dates and memories as squares and an extra special surprise in the Luxury Tax space.

wedding proposal game night

Homemade, With Love

If you both prefer to stay snuggled up at home, keep it that way! The best part about simple at home proposals is that they're usually so spontaneous she'll never see it coming. Slip the ring on while she's sleeping, propose over breakfast, or pause that rom-com just because you can't wait a second longer.

wedding proposal at home

Love You a Latte

Take your coffee addiction to the next level by proposing at your favorite coffee shop and breaking out the custom mugs.

wedding proposal

A Lakeside Engagement

For the couple who loves the great outdoors. We love the added touch of decorating the dock to make this moment feel even more special.

wedding proposal ideas

Light the Night

A romantic stroll that ends at a gazebo draped in twinkle lights is the perfect beginning to your fairy tale.

wedding proposal

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Is there any better reward for hiking a giant mountain than a surprise proposal at the top?!

wedding proposal ideas

Literary Magic

Proposing with her favorite book is so romantic. Use it as a makeshift ring box and cut out the pages so you can hide the ring inside.

wedding proposal ideas


Trail Run To Heaven

Imagine heading out for a 17 mile trail run only to find this perfect proposal at the end! The best ones are the ones you never see coming.

wedding proposal

Did you have a unique marriage proposal? Share it with us @marrygrams on Instagram! And don't forget, now it's your turn to propose! Order your "Will You Be My" cards for your bridal party here!