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Pumpkin Spice State of Mind - Fall Wedding Cocktail Inspiration


The signature cocktail - or mock-tail - is an essential piece of your wedding day menu. Not only does it add an extra layer of personality and detail, but it helps set the tone for your entire reception, (think gimlets and Gatsby).

You'll want to choose a drink that celebrates your love story and evokes all of those cozy feelings in your guests. And there is no better season than fall to get creative with your beverages. Whether you go warm and spicy or cool and crisp, this time of year offers a plethora of creative cocktail options that will have everybody craving a second round. 

Check out our favorite recipes below, and pour us a drink! Bottoms up!

Fall Wedding Cocktail Recipes 

Pumpkin Spice White Russian 

There is no beverage so quintessentially fall as the Pumpkin Spice Latte. And this chilled version is sure to delight even the biggest of skeptics. 

The Rim

Mix ingredients in a shallow dish. Dip rim of cocktail glasses in water and roll in mixture to coat. 

1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 tsp sugar
3 T crushed graham crackers

The Drink

Add vodka, creamer and liqueur into an ice filled cocktail shaker. Shake and pour into rimmed glasses. Top with whipped cream and spice. Garnish with smoking cinnamon stick. 

3 oz vodka
3 oz pumpkin spice coffee creamer
1.5 oz coffee liqueur 
whipped cream and pumpkin pie spice

pumpkin spice white russian wedding cocktail

 Harvest Apple Margarita

This signature  cocktail tastes as good as a day at the orchard feels. 

The Rim

Mix ingredients in a shallow dish. Dip rim of cocktail glasses in water and roll in mixture to coat. 

1 T sugar
1 T cinnamon
1/2 T salt

    The Drink

    Mix ingredients in ice filled cocktail shaker. Pour into rimmed margarita glasses and garnish with apple slice and cinnamon stick to serve.

    2 C apple cider
    1/2 C silver tequila
    1/4 C lemon juice 
      harvest apple martini signature wedding cocktail

      Spiced Maple Manhattan

      Pure maple syrup adds the perfect fall upgrade to an age old classic. 

      The Drink

      Stir all ingredients together in a mixing glass with ice. Strain into a low-ball glass and garnish with a maraschino cherry. 

      2 oz rye whiskey
      1/2 oz sweet red vermouth
      1/4 oz pure maple syrup
      2 dashes orange bitters

        maple manhattan fall wedding signature cocktails

        Autumn Orchard Sangria

        Sangria has long been a wedding signature cocktail staple for its ease to prepare and customize. Toss the whole orchard in there, there's no wrong way to do sangria!  

        The Drink

        Mix apples, pears, orange, pomegranate and cinnamon sticks in a large pitcher. Pour in wine, apple cider, and vodka and mix well. Marinate fruits in the fridge for a few hours (the longer the better!) and add club soda just before serving. Garnish with cinnamon stick.

        2 honey-crisp apples, chopped
        1 Bartlett pear, chopped
        1 orange, sliced
        1/4 C pomegranate seeds (or cranberries)
        2 cinnamon sticks
        1 bottle favorite white wine
        2 1/2 C fresh apple cider
        1/2 C vodka
        1 C club soda
          autumn orchard sangria wedding signature cocktail

          Toasted S'mores Martini

          Delight your inner child with a grown up version of a classic fall favorite, the s'more!

          The Rim

          Dip a martini glass in the hot fudge sauce and then coat with graham cracker crumbs.

          hot fudge sauce
          crushed graham crackers

            The Drink

            Pour the chocolate liquer slowly over an upside down spoon into the glass. Mix together heavy cream and marshmallow vodka in a separate glass. Slowly pour cream mixture over the upside down spoon to create a layered look. Skewer a marshmallow with the bamboo stick and place across the top of glass. Toast the marshmallow with a kitchen torch before serving. 

            1 oz dark chocolate or milk chocolate liqueur
            1/2 oz fluffed marshmallow vodka
            1/2 oz heavy cream
            jumbo marshmallows
            small bamboo stick

              toasted s'mores martini signature wedding cocktail

              Which one of these signature cocktails would you choose for your own fall wedding? Let us know on Instagram 

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