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The Groom's Cake - A Brief History & Inspiration

Is there such a thing as too many cakes? We don't think so! Which is the why we love when couples choose to add a second "groom's cake" to the reception menu. Not only is it a perfect opportunity for more cake, but it's a chance to showcase the groom's style in a way that doesn't have to fit the rest of the wedding theme. And brides are getting creative! Choosing to surprise their new hubby with a specialty cake all his own. But this fun wedding trend isn't as modern as you may think. 

The History of the Groom's Cake

The groom's cake is a sweet tradition - literally - that dates all the way back to the Victorian era, before it was brought over and popularized in the American South. Offering up a more "masculine" flavor profile, the groom's cake was usually reserved only for members of the bridal party. Superstition states that if an unmarried bridesmaid slept with a piece of the cake under her pillow, she would find her husband shortly after. 

And while we don't really recommend using buttercream as a pillow, the groom's cake is definitely a fun way to give an extra nod to the man of the hour at the reception. So grab a fork and get inspired by some of our favorite groom's cake ideas below! 

Unique Groom's Cake Ideas We Love

For the Pop Culture Guru

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

A fondant rendition of R2D2 will have any Star Wars fan geeking out at the dessert table. He's *almost* too cute to cut!
r2d2 star wars grooms cake

Breaking Bread (Just Kidding, it's Cake)

A cake in the shape of his favorite TV character is sure to delight. We love the added touch of placing this Breaking Bad inspired confection on top of the Periodic Table of Elements. It's all in the details!
breaking bad groom cake

We'll Take the Lot!

Having trouble choosing one fandom above the rest? Combine elements of all of his favorites onto a classic white tiered cake for a look that is elegant but still completely unique. 
pop culture geek groom cake

For the Sports Fan

Take Me Out to the Ball Games

This groom never misses a game, any of them. So load the bases with this triple-stacked threat and you're sure to score a reception winning touchdown. 
grooms cake sports teams

Par for the Dessert Course 

When you tee up a cake that looks this good, there's no way you'll miss your shot. Add that extra special touch and make your wedding date the number on the flag. 
golf groom cake unique sports

Float like a Buttercream

If there was ever a time for a "cheat day," your wedding day is it. So grab a slice of that kettle-ball and enjoy, guilt free. You've earned it!
grooms cake weights body building

For the Outdoorsman 

The Lumberjack Special

The real surprise when you cut into this frosted stump cake, is the buffalo plaid hiding inside! Go ahead and slice it with an actual hatchet for added drama. 
grooms cake tree stump lumberjack

The Hunt is Over

For the groom who would sleep in his duck blind if you let him, this decoy inspired cake is a perfect shot.
hunt is over grooms cake duck hunting

Two Less Fish in the Sea

A bad day fishing beats a good day in the office, so they say. And a great day at a wedding is made even better with this fish inspired groom's cake. 
fishing groom cake stump

For the Music Lover

To the Beat of His Own Drum

We're pretty sure there is nothing more rock 'n' roll than taking a big bite out of your drum stick. So you're guaranteed to keep the reception on tempo with this percussionist's fantasy. 
grooms cake drummer drum music lover

Cake the Way it was Meant to be Eaten

For the couple who spends their weekends haunting old record stores, a Victrola inspired groom's cake will have your taste buds groovin'. 
record player grooms cake

Amp up the Flavor

This guitar/amp combo looks like you could just plug it in and start playing. But you can't. Because it's cake. 
unique groom cake guitar amp

For the Cocktail Aficionado 

Whiskey Business

Bourbon and chocolate are the groom's cake version PB & J. Add tiny bottles of Jack to really get the party started. 
jack daniels grooms cake whiskey

Fit for a King

Or consider a jumbo sized version of his favorite spirit served with a shot on the side. He'll have his cake and drink it too!
crown royal grooms cake

The Most Interesting Cake in the World 

This gravity defying groom's cake is as whimsical as it is delicious. Swap out the bottle for his favorite brand and you've got a sure fire winner. 
beer mug groom cake

For the Offbeat Groom 

And for all of those grooms south of the Mason-Dixon, consider a red velvet armadillo in true, Steel Magnolia fashion. Put a fork in him! He's done. 
armadillo groom cake

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