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The Littlest Attendants - Keeping Your Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Happy


The smallest members of your bridal party bring a level of cuteness to the ceremony you couldn't possibly hope to achieve on your own. But when little ones are involved in a wedding, chaos is only just a tantrum away. Lucky for you there are some simple tips and tricks you can use to keep the flower girl and ring bearer entertained and smiling.

Preventing Flower Girl & Ring Bearer Meltdowns

Just Roll with It

Kids will be kids. At my own father's wedding, three-year-old me decided halfway down the aisle that she no longer had any interest in completing the journey. So she turned around and high tailed it out of that hotel ballroom. And to this day it's a family favorite home video.

The phrase "expect the unexpected" is a good rule of thumb when wrangling wedding attendants under the age of eight. So remember that even if the flower girl sits down in the aisle or the ring bearer drops the ring in the dirt half a dozen times, the entertainment value alone will make for a great memory.

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Strength in Numbers

Why have just one adorable flower girl when you have two charming nieces? Sometimes a small group of little ones is easier to keep under control than one on their own. By giving them someone to walk with you'll help alleviate any nerves of being the center of attention in front of a sea of grownups. And they'll have a hand to hold if things get scary. Or if more than one kid isn't a possibility, consider having a parent accompany them down the aisle. 

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Practice Makes Perfect

Have the flower girl or ring bearer come to the dress rehearsal early. A few extra practice runs will go a long way in making sure they feel comfortable with their job during the real ceremony. Let them ask questions and make sure they practice with the props they will be using on the big day. 

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Give Them Something to Hold

Speaking of props, make sure you have them! Whether it's a traditional basket or a fun ribbon wand, giving them a specific job to do will make their role feel even more special. Plus it can get boring standing up at the altar when you're little. Something to keep their hands busy will prevent wandering off during the vows. 

flower girl ribbon wand cute

Plan a Fun Reward 

And when all else fails, plan a treat for good behavior! If they know an ice cream sundae is waiting for them at the end of the ceremony they'll be more likely to stick to the script. And it's always a good plan to have something extra special planned just for the kiddos anyway. Whether it's a tricked out craft table or movies and games with their favorite babysitter, they'll remember how much fun they had at your wedding, when they're planning their own!

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