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The Wedding Cake Topper - Alternatives for the Modern Bride


While we love tiers piled high with flowers and frosting, there is just something extra special about a wedding cake topper. No, not the outdated bride and groom models that look nothing like you. But a unique, customized cake topper that represents who you are as a couple. Not to mention makes a lovely keepsake for years to come. So grab a slice and pull up a chair! To help spark your creativity, we've compiled a list of our favorite wedding cake topper ideas below.

Top it Off! - Wedding Cake Topper Inspiration

The Classic Monogram

You can't go wrong with a classic monogram. It's beautiful, elegant, and simple. What's not to love?

wedding cake topper

Sweet and Simple

We can't get enough of this adorable wire topper. Sometimes a little embellishment goes a long way in taking a simple cake and making it bridal.

wedding cake topper

Whimsical Flags

These dainty little flags are the perfect addition to a naked cake adorned with berries. The whole ensemble just feels like summer.

wedding cake topper flags

Laser Cut Quote

This romantic laser cut wood topper is a fairy tale showstopper. Can you believe that's all one piece?!

wedding cake topper unique

Custom Figurines

How cute are these hand painted bride and groom toppers from Lollipop Workshop? You can even customize them to include your fur babies!

unique wedding cake topper figurines


For the hipster couple who wants something super unique, why not hand lettered light bulbs? Your guests won't be forgetting this cake anytime soon.

unique wedding cake topper

Rustic Chic

Tree branch rounds turn into adorable cake toppers with a little elbow grease and a wood burning kit.

wedding cake topper unique


These fun and funky dinosaur toppers are a super easy DIY. Just spray paint the animal figure of your choosing and add a bow tie and pearls! Ta-da!

unique wedding cake topper


This modern topper is as durable as it is beautiful! And the mirrored gold really elevates a simple cake. Get yours here!

unique wedding cake toppers 

Quirky and Cute

These little love birds are all dressed up and ready to go!

unique wedding cake topper

Polaroid Perfection

Say cheese! Less is more with a classic cake topped with Polaroids of the bride and groom.

unique wedding cake toppers

His and Hers

We love this offbeat wedding cake topper. What a perfect use for all of that doll furniture that's been in your attic for years!

unique wedding cake toppers

Laser Cut Wreath

These custom wreaths from BestWeddEver make a lovely personalized topper you'll use for years to come.

unique wedding cake topper

Woodland Creatures

We love the touch of whimsy that animal figurines bring to a wedding cake. And these handmade clay creations by Bonjour Poupette are no exception.

unique wedding cake topper

Cake Arrows

Who ever said your topper has to go on top? These awesome cake arrows go right through the middle!

unique wedding cake topper

Did you have an unique cake topper at your wedding? Share it with us @marrygrams on Instagram. We love to see what inspires our brides! And don't forget to let your guests know what treats are under those toppers with custom menus from Marrygrams. We have styles to match every theme, budget, AND timeline. Shop here!