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Unique Bachelor Party Ideas (That Aren't Vegas)


Bachelor parties and Las Vegas have been synonymous for decades, but that isn't stopping modern grooms from thinking outside the box and planning something totally unique. Whether it's a perfectly executed craft beer bar crawl or a lakeside cabin retreat, there are so many different ways to celebrate the end of your bachelorhood with your bros. 

And we are by no means throwing shade at Sin City. If clubbing and cards is your idea of a perfect party, then by all means hit up the Strip and have the very best time. But if you're looking for something a little offbeat, or more tailored to you and your guys, this is the blog post for you!

(Pro Tip - Forward this post to your best man and let him know which options are your favorites.)

Offbeat Bachelor Party Inspiration

For the Outdoorsman

bachelor party ideas camping trip

National Park Adventure

Soak up the very best nature has to offer with a visit to your favorite (or dream) national park. Rent a cabin inside the park for the optimal experience. Get out on the trails before anyone else, splurge and take that guided tour you've always wanted to, and support your public lands while spending time outside with your crew. Sounds like a win to us! 

Lakeside Cabin Retreat 

Or, if you're wanting something a little more private, opt for a lake or riverside retreat. Rent a boat and get out on the water, bond over brews and a bonfire, and see who can slay the most trout by the end of the weekend. 

Rock Climbing Excursion 

Get your guys certified in a gym before taking it to the cliffs. Or sign up for a guided adventure and let somebody else do all of the grunt work. Either way, if you plan to climb some boulders that are conveniently located near a local hot springs, you've got a pretty great weekend ahead of you. 

For the Sports Fanatic

spring training bachelor party idea

Spring Training

Spring training is a crazy fun event even if you're not a baseball fan. So it makes for a killer bachelor party weekend. Between exhibition matches, access to the players and enough Cracker Jacks to feed you for a lifetime, this option is a surefire home run.

Fun Run

Ready to start sweating for the wedding? Make the extra workouts fun and plan a mud run or iron man for your bachelor party! Just be sure the rest of the guys have plenty of advance notice so nobody gets injured or overexerts himself. 

The Big Game

If there was ever a time to splurge for a private box or court-side seats, your bachelor party is it! And even if some of the fellas aren't big fans like you, the added luxury is enough to delight even the most hum drum of spectators. 

For the Music Lover

unique bachelor party ideas studio recording

Record a Demo

How many times have you and your friends uttered the phrase "We should start a band"? Time to make good on that promise! Even if going on tour isn't exactly in your future, book some studio time and just jam out. Who knows, you might end up with something amazing. Or at least a good gimmick for the reception. 

Catch a Show

Or two! Check the listings for upcoming concerts and shows in your area and plan your bachelor weekend around your favorite. Start the evening with a nice dinner out and then get ready to rock and roll all night 

For the Gamer

arcade bachelor party inspiration

Board Games & Brews

Sometimes a low key night of high stakes Catan is just what the doctor ordered. Make sure your fridge is as full as your game collection and add a little zest by betting on the various outcomes. Pro Tip - This is a great addition to the boys weekend at a cabin mentioned above as well. 

Buy Out the Arcade

Unleash your inner teenagers and rent out an arcade for the day. The whole experience is amplified when you don't have to wait your turn for the only air hockey table and there is never a line for the Go Karts or laser tag. Go ahead, spend all of your tickets on candy. We won't tell.

For the Craft Beer Enthusiast 

brewery tour bar crawl bachelor party

Brewery Tours

A well executed pub crawl is an awesome way to spend your bachelor weekend. Organize private tastings at all of the best breweries in town and don't forget to stop for snacks. Bonus points if you take one of those fancy group bicycle tours where no designated driver is needed. 

Make Your Own

Break out your chemistry kit and learn how to make beer with your buddies. There are plenty of places that offer classes, or you could throw caution to the wind and buy a few home kits and just see what happens. Put a few bottles aside to toast with on your big day. 

For the Thrill Seeker

bachelor party whitewater rafting

Sky Dive

It doesn't get more extreme than a bachelor party in the sky. So you'll want to make sure your groomsman are all comfortable with this idea before you book your flights. It also doesn't hurt to plan a fun evening out or a nice BBQ afterwards in case one of your Ushers is dead set on keeping his feet on the ground. 

Theme Park 

One of the best ways to get out all of your pre-wedding angst just might be a trip to your local amusement park. So go on all of the biggest, scariest rides and scream your head off. Or try your luck at winning a giant teddy bear for your bride at home. Either way, you'll have a blast. Don't forget your sunscreen!

Whitewater Rafting

If you're lucky enough to have access to killer whitewater, grab a paddle and get on the river. Not only is whitewater rafting a complete thrill ride, but it's a perfect bonding experience for your group. You're all working together to stay upright and afloat, and isn't that just a great metaphor for friendship?

For the World Traveler

destination bachelor party

Destination Bachelor Party

If your feet are itching to travel and you've got plenty of time to plan, go abroad! This is a great option if you are already having a destination wedding, as everyone will be planning on heading out of the country already. Cushion your travel dates so you have time to go explore with your boys AND to help out and rest up before the big day. 

For the Both of You!

joint bachelor bachelorette party

Joint Party

And sometimes all you really want to do is hang out with your honey. So why not combine your two parties into one?! Choose your favorite restaurant, bar, or activity together and get down with both sides of the bridal party.

And no matter which type of Bachelor party you end up planning, don't forget to shop for all of your wedding day stationery at Marrygrams when you get back! ;) 

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