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Unique Boutonniere Inspiration for the Modern Groom


No shade to flowers, but non floral boutonnieres are quickly becoming a wedding trend favorite. And it's easy to see why. Not only is it a great chance to get creative and showoff your groom's personality, but skipping the flowers means you'll have a treasured keepsake for years to come. (Not to mention something that will still look great after hours of hugs and dancing). So we've rounded up some of our favorite unique boutonniere ideas to help you get inspired. From golf tees to Legos, there's a style for every groom!

Men of a Feather

Light as air, and totally unique. Feathers are perfect for rustic and formal weddings alike. With such a wide variety of colors and textures to choose from, this unique boutonniere is a great option for any groom.

unique boutonniere flower alternative groom feather

Gear Up

Clock or bicycle gears make a futuristic statement. Mix metal colors and sizes to add some depth.

unique boutonniere floral alternative bike gears groom

Domino Effect

Vintage dominoes are easy to find at any antique store. And with a bit of hot glue and a pin back, you've got the hipster boutonniere of your dreams.

unique boutonniere groom domino flower alternative

Rock Star Status

For the groom with a musical streak! Turn his favorite guitar picks into a sweet flower.

unique boutonniere inspiration guitar pick flower alternative groom

Heart Wrenching

These tiny wrenches are here to make a statement. (And fix whatever you need)!

unique boutonniere wrench rustic groom floral alternative

Poppin' Bottles

Dried grains paired with his favorite bottle cap are all the inspiration you need for this unique boutonniere.

unique boutonniere non floral bottle cap groom

Key to My Heart

Skeleton keys add just the right amount of whimsy to your groom's attire.

unique boutonniere floral alternative groom

Lego-ing to the Chapel

Enlist your nephew to help you make these adorable Lego tulips! Pro Tip: Use a clear sealant to keep your boutonniere from breaking apart.

unique boutonniere Lego floral alternative groom

I Need a Hero

Cut up pages from his favorite comic books to create a lapel pin fit for Captain America himself.

unique non floral boutonniere groom comic book

Shotgun Wedding

Shotgun shells and wedding bells! Stuff the casings with flowers, feathers and grains for a truly unique boutonniere.

unique boutonniere shotgun shells floral alternative groom

Gone Fishin'

He's a catch, and he's got the fly to prove it.

unique boutonniere fishing fly flower alternative groom

Deal Me In

A royal flush is the perfect accessory for a groom who's a bit of a card shark.

unique boutonniere groom flower alternative


We can't get enough of this tiny dino. Add a little fern for prehistoric perfection.

unique boutonniere groom floral alternative

Hole in One

He'll be ready for the PGA Tour in no time with this flower alternative.

unique boutonniere groom flower alternative

Wild Wild West

Look out grooms, there's a new sheriff in town! This unique boutonniere is a hit with both police officers and western aficionados alike.

unique non flower boutonniere alternative groom badge

Say "Cheese!"

Finally something to do with all of the negative film you've got stashed in your closet! These sweet "flowers" add a vintage flair.

unique boutonniere wedding inspiration groom alternative film

Party Time

Having a New Year's Eve wedding? Or just really like to celebrate? Noisemakers in your wedding colors are an affordable and easy DIY.

flower alternative boutonniere


How clever is this football rose? Take the laces from your favorite sports ball and curl them up to make a sweet flower alternative.

unique boutonniere floral alternative football laces

Button Up

Raid your grandmother's button tin for this delicate boutonniere. Add a few paper leaves and you're nuptial ready!

button boutonniere flower alternative groom

Sweet & Spicy

For the chef who loves to cook, or the groom who just loves to eat! Small peppers and a fresh sprig of rosemary make a colorful and fragrant wedding accessory.

wedding boutonniere non floral alternative 

Who's Who

And there isn't a pair of suspenders on this planet that wouldn't look dapper with a Marrygrams button pin on them! Order them for the whole bridal party, or just for the main man. See more styles here!

And don't forget to share your #MarrygramsBride (or groom!) moments with us on Instagram. We'd love to feature your wedding!

button boutonniere alternative pin




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