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Unplugged Wedding - Tips for Keeping Your Guests OFF Social Media


We've all been there. Enjoying a wedding ceremony when suddenly the person in front of you stands up to snap a poorly timed photo of the bride. Not only is this rude to the other wedding guests around them, but this can easily throw off the view of the photographer too. Not to mention the entire vibe of the moment, when somebody disrupts an intimate ceremony by trying to get a quick cell phone shot. So how do you combat this wedding guest impulse before it happens? And is it even possible to have a truly unplugged wedding? Keep reading, Marrygrams Bride. We've compiled some of our best tips and tricks to keep phones in pockets and eyes on the bride, below.

How to Have an Unplugged Wedding - Tips & Tricks

unplugged wedding

Spread the Word

The all important Step 1. Communicate with your guests! Nobody is going to know the rules unless you lay them out. So start spreading the word! Enlist your bridal party and family to help remind your guests that you want to spend this time with them. Not their phones. You can also include this on your wedding website in a FAQ page so there is no confusion. And then make sure you are clear about when guests CAN use their devices. If you don't mind people sending Snap Chats from the dance floor but the ceremony is a no-fly zone, let it be known! Or if you really would prefer to have the final say on all photos posted online, set up your Facebook page to require your approval on all photos people may tag of you.

Skip the Hashtag

This all really depends on how "unplugged" you actually want your unplugged wedding to be. But if you're trying to avoid anybody but your photographer posting online, then skipping a custom hashtag is probably a smart idea. Using a hashtag, no matter how clever, will only encourage your guests to use it. And requesting it stay reserved for only you and the photographer may cause some unnecessary wedding day drama.

Post Signage

Day-of reminders are essential. In the excitement of the moment many of your guests may forget that you requested they wait to post online until you do. So post signs at your welcome table and include a note in your programs to remind everyone to stay fully engaged in the ceremony. Or if you're not having printed programs, you can have your officiant request all phones be turned off before the processional begins as well. The more places you are able to mention it, the more receptive your guests will be.

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Request a Sneak Peek

It's important to remember that the reason your guests will want to post photos online is because they are excited for you. Nobody is trying to post a weird angle on purpose, they just want to share in your moment. So gently remind them that your photographer was hired for a reason, and reassure them that you will share the many beautiful images taken just as soon as possible. And ask your photographer for a little help as well. Most will post a sneak peek or two immediately following your big day, even if it takes a few weeks for your full album of images to be edited. So ask them early if that is a possibility. Then encourage your guests to share the professional images to their hearts content. Everybody wins!

And remember, no matter how many times you mention it, chances are somebody will ignore your unplugged wedding wishes in favor of some likes on Instagram. Don't stress if this happens. Just remove the tag if you don't like the image and try to remember that they were most likely posting from a place of love and excitement. And then follow up on your promise to post your professional images as soon as you have them. And once all of that is said and done, sit back and relax. You've done all you can do and the rest is out of your hands.

Did you have an unplugged wedding? Or use one of our signs to keep your guests informed? Share your images with us! We would love to show off your big day on our Pinterest and Instagram pages. Just tag us or use the #marrygrams or #marrygramsbride for a chance to be featured.

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