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Wedding Website 101 - Tips and Tricks


The wedding website is an essential planning tool for the modern bride. It's the perfect place to put all of the information you want your guests to know, but can't include in the invitation. It's also a great place to tell your love story, get early RSVPs and communicate with your guests before the big day. But sitting down at the computer to start creating can feel overwhelming. Even with the vast variety of templates and free hosting options available to you.

So where to begin, and what do you need to include? The short answer? Everything you don't want to be answering on your wedding day. But let's break that down a bit more. This guide will help you create a basic outline for what to include on your own wedding website, without overloading your guests with information.

wedding website tips and tricks

Stay on Theme

Your wedding website is like a follow up to your invitation. It sets the expectation of the entire event, so you want it to stay on theme. Your website should reflect the formality and style that you want your guests to emulate. If you're having a black tie event, make that very clear in all of your communications.

Make it Personal

But don't go overboard. A sweet anecdote about your relationship or the story of how you met is a great thing to include. But you also don't want to bog your guests down with a four page description of your second date. So keep it light and simple and show off all of those great engagement photos!

Activities and Recommendations

If your guests are going to be in town for a few days before and after your wedding, suggest local hot spots and activities for them to do! The personal touch of sharing your favorite coffee shop or hiking trails will help your guests feel connected to you, even when they're off exploring. After all, you chose to get married there for a reason. Spread the love!

Lodging and Travel

For your guests who are coming from far and wide, include lodging and travel information. And if you've reserved a block of hotel rooms, this is the place to let them know. You'll also want to include relevant airport and shuttle information. For example, if you live near a small airport with only a few incoming flights a day, your guests need to know to book early so they don't miss out.

wedding website tips and tricks

Digital RSVPs

While we insist you still send physical RSVPs with your invitations, your wedding website is a good place to get procrastinators to commit. Including a digital RSVP option will help make sure nobody slips through the cracks.

The Day of Timeline

One of the most important things to include in your wedding website is your schedule of events. Include a map of the venue, driving directions, and a detailed schedule with times listed. Even if you sent physical itineraries with your invitations - some people will forget to bring them. So cover your bases and avoid any panicked phone calls when you should be primping.

Pro Tip: DON'T include any information about exclusive events. If your entire guest list is not invited to the rehearsal dinner, it shouldn't be on your website.


It's an etiquette faux pas to include your registry on the invitation itself. But your wedding website is a great place to share that information with guests.

wedding website tips and tricks

Your wedding website should be a small sampling of your wedding day. You want to include just enough to keep your guests informed and withhold just enough to keep them excited. And don't forget to order your day of stationery, to keep them informed after they arrive. Get your custom program fans, menus, and more right here at Marrygrams. We can't wait to help you create the wedding of your dreams!


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