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Wedding Stationery Templates

To make your day-of stationery ordering as easy as possible, be sure to download our easy to use templates below. 

Program Template

Download our sample programs.

Still wondering which style is right for your wedding? Browse our 3 styles of programs: Petal fan programs | Flat programs | Bifold programs

Menu Template

Download our sample menus.

Menus are available in 5x7", 4x9" and 6.25" round sizes. We are also happy to accommodate custom requests. Simply contact us before ordering.

Escort / Place Card Template

Download a template for one name per card.
Download a template for two names per card.
Download a template for one name with meal included per card.

Marrygrams will print custom escort or place cards for all of your ceremony guests. Simply place the name of each guest into one of the template files below. You may choose to put one name on each card, or combine guests with their “plus one” on each card. If your guests have a meal choice, you may also add their meal to the place card, however we recommend in this instance to only use one person per card.

If you are using as place cards, you may omit the 'table' column in any of the files above.

What's the difference between escort and place cards? Read our helpful guide here.