A Marrygrams Wedding in the Woods: Cheyenne & Brandon

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A Marrygrams Wedding in the Woods: Cheyenne & Brandon


Hey Bride! I'm Cheyenne, Jill of All Trades and content creator here at Marrygrams. I recently had the pleasure of having my very own Marrygrams Wedding and I'd love to share some of our images with you! My *new* husband, Brandon, and I had a simple ceremony in Vedauwoo, Wyoming on June 23rd that was heavily inspired by our love of public lands and camp adventures. We were married by my father in law, on my father's forest (he's a Forest Ranger), and almost everything was DIY'd by my mother and I. So needless to say it was quite the labor of love.

Get inspired (to go outside!) below. And don't forget to share your own Marrygrams Wedding images with us on Instagram. We'd love to feature you too!

Our Marrygrams Wedding

The Venue

Vedauwoo is an area of rocky outcrops located in southeastern Wyoming. Its name is an anglicized version of the Arapaho work "bito'o'wu" meaning "earth born." In addition to being on my dad's forest, Vedauwoo is crazy beautiful and unlike any place we had ever seen before. Making it the perfect backdrop for our early morning ceremony and day of adventuring.

marrygrams wedding

The Bride

I knew I was going to be changing out of my wedding dress relatively quickly after the ceremony. Because as fun as hiking in a big fluffy skirt sounded, it just wasn't quite worth the hassle. So I paired a champagne tulle skirt with a simple lace long sleeve shirt and achieved all of my Carrie Bradshaw/Ballerina dreams. It was just different enough to feel like me, without losing that bridal feeling.

The Groom

Brandon and his groomsmen looked dapper in navy slacks, grey button downs, suspenders, and a bow-tie. But not just any bow-tie! My mom's best friend from college took the sweater my mom wore when she got married (and the sweater I got engaged in) and created the most perfect custom accessories for all of the guys. This little touch was easily one of my favorites from the whole wedding.

The Bridal Party

Tulle skirts for everyone! My maid of honor was a dream in grey and navy. And my little brother (and bridesman) matched his shirt to my skirt. The dog of honor looked as fetching (get it?) as ever in her silk flower collar. Because we were dealing with rocky terrain, we opted for Chacos instead of heels. Not for everyone, but perfect for us.

The Marrygrams Moments

The Favors

I knew as soon as we designed our "Adventure Begins" favor tags that I needed them at my own wedding. I mean, how cute is that tiny tent?! We tied them around my best chocolate chip cookie recipe and passed them out to other hikers throughout the day. It was such a fun way to share our special moment and surprise random campers with treats. ------ Shop the collection here!

The Signs

My grandfather built us a Thai Spirit House to bless our new home. So we decided to use it as our guest book too! We had guests choose a crystal and say a prayer or wish for our future. Then they placed the crystal inside the spirit house (which now lives in our bedroom). I knew we needed a sign to explain the significance of the gift, and the moment, so I turned to our fabulous designer. She created the most adorable sign that even used the same little tent graphic that I love so much from the tags! ---- Create your own custom signs here!

The Wedding Day Cards

And because it wouldn't be a Marrygrams Wedding without the original wedding note card, I made sure to grab some for all of my most important people. I got up extra early on the day of our wedding (did I mention that our ceremony was at 7 a.m.?) and wrote love notes to everyone. Getting to photograph their reactions while they read them was such a beautiful moment, and now they all have a little keepsake to treasure for years to come. ---- Get yours here!

The Flowers

My bouquet, and the floral arrangements, were curated by my mother. We picked up some blooms from a local flower shop and did a little bit of prairie scavenging to fill out the rest with some local grasses. Snapdragons have always been a favorite of mine and they added just the right amount of whimsy. We finished them off with a few pheasant feathers and a simple strap of leather and I promptly forgot to hold them during the ceremony. Luckily we remembered just in time to include them in the pictures!

The Rings

Mom's wedding sweater made a second appearance in the form of our ring pillow. Our vintage wedding bands felt right at home among the snowflakes.

The Cake(s)

Sorry did I say cake? Because we actually had five of them. If there is one rule in our family it's that pie and cake are strictly breakfast foods. So it only made sense to give our 15 total guests a few options to choose from. My mom baked and decorated each one, and there wasn't a crumb to be found after breakfast was over.

The Table Decor

My mother has the most amazing collection of antiques and field guides and trinkets. So decorating was as simple as doing a full on raid of her linen closet. We kept the decor to a minimum, focusing mainly on table centerpieces, as we wanted the location to speak for itself. In addition to the tablescapes, I made a chalkboard sign out of an old storm window I found here in Golden and propped it up against our water spigot. All of that practice doing chalkboards for the Marrygrams Boutique really paid off! :)

The After Party

After our ceremony, breakfast, and a whole lot of cheesing, we had the day to explore and wander. We climbed rocks (if you squint, you can see us almost at the tippy top!), hiked mountains and even got in a few games of corn-hole. It was the perfect Marrygrams Wedding for this Marrygrams Bride and I hope you enjoyed coming along for the ride!

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