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Bon Appétit! - Choosing the Perfect Wedding Menu


Chances are you've been to a wedding or two with a menu that underwhelmed. But yours doesn't have to! Overcooked chicken breasts and twice baked potatoes are a thing of the past. Follow our tips below to serve up a wedding menu that your guests will be raving about long after the plates are cleared.

wedding menu

Establish a Budget

Your budget is the most important thing to consider when planning your wedding menu. Feeding 100+ guests a five course meal gets expensive fast. But that doesn't mean you can't plan a delicious menu on a budget. Consider the number of courses you would like to serve comparable to your guests. Choose a buffet style dinner to cut down on the number of servers you will have to employ. Or choose just two fabulous entrees with the same salad, appetizer and dessert option. Once you've established your budget, your caterer will be able to work with you to create the perfect meal for your big day, at any price point!

Finalize your Numbers

While you may have some last minute RSVP's to account for, try to nail down your final guest list as accurately as possible. There is nothing worse than giving up your own serving of the menu you worked so hard on because of a miscount. Your budget factors into this as well. Maybe having a giant guest list is your top priority, so consider something fun like a DIY pasta bar. Or if an extravagant array of courses is what you're after, start cutting that guest list!

Consider Dietary Restrictions

Make sure you have options for any of your guests with dietary restrictions. If you don't want to plan a gluten free or vegetarian entree as part of the main menu, talk to your caterer and have a few special meals set aside for those guests. There is nothing more stressful than a caterer finding out last minute that they need to prepare an allergen free meal. Usually guests will alert you of this on their own. However, it never hurts to include a space to write dietary restrictions on their RSVP cards.

Go Local!

Before you begin planning your menu, consider what fruits and vegetables are going to be in season. Choose foods that are local, fresh, and in season for a menu with the richest flavors. Your caterer will have suggestions if you're unsure of what your local growing season is. Find the delicacies specific to your region and plan your menu around them for a meal that stands out in a crowd.

Add a Personal Touch

Just as your dress, decor, and venue - your menu should reflect you and your groom. What did you make the first time you cooked together? What did you eat on your first date? Do you have a favorite restaurant that you're regulars at? Have them cater the wedding! Choosing an entree item that has personal meaning to the both of you makes your menu even more special.

Portion Control

While most caterers make an extra 10% of food, don't rely on that as a buffer for an unexpected head count. Give them as accurate a number as possible to ensure everybody gets enough to eat. Aunt Ida isn't going to appreciate sharing her tomato salad. And running out of dessert is a wedding tragedy on par with a DJ who only spins one artist. Listen to your caterer. They know what they're talking about.

wedding menu

Your menu is a reflection of you and your groom. So get creative! Try out a variety of dishes until you find the perfect one. After all, who needs an excuse to sample delicious food? And once you've finalized your menu, provide guests with a copy of their own! Marrygrams has wedding menus to fit every budget and style. Your guests will appreciate the added touch. Get yours here!

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