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Bride and Groom Cards - Little Love Notes for Your Big Day


There is nothing sweeter than reading a handwritten note from your soon to be Mr. or Mrs. moments before you say "I do." But even though bride and groom cards are becoming a wedding day staple, the thought of putting pen to paper can be intimidating. Don't let that stop you! There is no wrong way to write a love letter, after all. But just in case you're feeling overwhelmed, check out our guidelines below to help you compose the perfect card to your bride or groom on your wedding day.

Wedding Day Card

Avoid Clichés

Steer away from comparing thy love to a summer’s day. While the lofty prose worked for the Bard, it will seem less genuine than an anecdote of that time you missed your flight because you couldn’t stop kissing goodbye in the parking lot. Or that time you spent all day planning an elaborate dinner just to have the dog steal the steak from the table when you weren’t looking. Your love story is the most beautiful, and your card should reflect that.

Give Yourself Time to Write

You should write when inspiration strikes, but make sure you have the time to give your ideas the attention they deserve. Take a quiet moment to sit down and gather your thoughts before you begin writing. Better yet, write a rough draft of your letter beforehand so you don’t forget to include anything.

But Not Too Much Time

That being said, you want to capture all of the wonderful feelings you have right before your wedding so try to write your card closer to the day of. We recommend the night before. That way you have plenty of time to write and all of the butterflies are fresh and inspiring. What we love about bride and groom cards is how perfectly they allow you to reflect on your love for your partner in the midst of the chaos that is your wedding day.

Penmanship Counts

You don’t have to become a master calligrapher, but making sure that your words are legible is important. Your letter will be treasured for many years to come so take the time to sit down with a nice pen (we love Ultra Fine Sharpies on Marrygrams bride and groom cards!) and write carefully.

Be Specific

Out of all of the other people in the world, you chose each other. Tell them why. Does she get up early to make sure the coffee is ready? Does he text photos of things that remind him of you during the day? Whatever those little things you love are, make sure you mention them. It’s a nice little reminder that you appreciate everything they do, big or small.

Enjoy the Moment

There is something so intimate about a handwritten note, especially on your wedding day. So read it once, and then again. Bride and groom cards are meant to be cherished forever.

Wedding Day Card