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Mother of the Bride - Roles & Responsibilities


Your daughter just got engaged! Congratulations! As the mother of the bride, you have a very important role to play in her engagement. But the definition of that role may not be as clear as it once was. So what is your job, exactly? For some weddings, the mother of the bride is still at the head of the planning, and for others, she may take a back seat approach. Whichever position you end up taking, there are a few distinct roles you should expect to fill.

Mother And Daughter on Her Wedding Day

The Consultant

Even if she’s a DIY queen, your bride is going to have questions. And it’s your job to make sure she gets answers. The mother of the bride should be prepared to research anything and everything. From etiquette rules to religious traditions to table settings, you will be your bride’s advice guru.

The Fashionista

Choosing her wedding dress is one of the most exciting moments for a soon to be bride. This moment is traditionally shared with close friends and the mother of the bride. Your job is celebrate in this joyful experience and offer your honest opinions. But that may not be a possibility if you live far away. You can always participate by sending her photos of dresses you think she’ll like and researching respected bridal shops for her. And of course you will get to be there for the sweetest of bridal traditions, helping her get dressed on the big day and placing her veil.

The Hostess

Traditionally, the mother of the bride is in charge of hosting the wedding reception. You should make it a point to check in with everybody at some point during the night, as your bride may be too busy to. Making yourself available to the guests will make them feel welcomed and appreciated and take some of the pressure away from the bride and groom.

The Contact

On the day of the wedding your bride should be focused on only that, being a bride. In fact, any last minute changes or problems on the day of the wedding shouldn’t even reach the attention of the soon to be Mrs. The mother of the bride is the go-to contact for the florist, caterer, DJ, officiant and event planner. And there is nothing she can’t handle.

The Cheerleader

Weddings are a roller coaster of joy and chaos. Chances are your bride is going to be overwhelmed and need a shoulder to cry on at some point during the planning. Luckily, the role of the cheerleader is the easiest one for the mother of the bride to take on. Because above all else, your main job is the one you already have…Mom.