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Wedding Day Cards - What They Are & Why You Need Them


Truth be told, our favorite part of the wedding day actually happens BEFORE the ceremony. When little love notes are exchanged in a first look with your spouse to be, bridal party and/or family members. Taking this extra moment before the ceremony to recenter and remind everyone of the reasons you all came together for this occasion, is truly beautiful. And we LOVE being a part of that moment. 

From the beginning, the Original Wedding Note Card has been about gratitude, love and hope for the future. We believe that telling people what they mean to you is one of the best gifts you can give someone. It's the reason we do what we do. Because when the party is over and the last slice of cake has been eaten, the paper and photographs are all that remain. 

So go all in and invest in those "first looks" with all of the people who made your wedding day happen. And make sure your photographer is there to capture the magic. We're confident they will be some of the most genuine and touching photos you'll get all day. (Cue the Dad tears!) 

But how do you deliver them all in a way that feels natural and intentional? Our guide below has you covered with advice and photos from real #MarrygramsBrides to help inspire you in planning your own big day. 

 to my bride wedding day card marrygrams

Wedding Day Card First Looks

Grab the tissues! 

For the Bridal Party 

Life is busy and helping a friend plan a wedding is a time consuming labor of love. So thank your besties for all of their support and work leading up to your big day with the keepsake card they will treasure forever. (Especially since it might be hard to get everyone in the same room at the same time in the future!) It's such a nice reminder that after months of planning and stress and parties everyone all came together for this one special moment. 

Tuck their notes inside bridesmaid gifts, their bouquets or simply pass them out when everyone is getting their hair and makeup done. First looks with your bridal party are always fun because you're already getting ready and building anticipation for the day together. Truly the perfect moment for a little group bonding. 

wedding day cards for the bridal party marrygrams For your Family

Planning a first look with your family is a surefire way to start the water works early. But it's worth it! Gather your chosen people in a quiet room before the ceremony so they can see you in your dress before the crowd does. This is the perfect moment to exchange notes with your parents/siblings/grandparents/etc and tell them how much they mean to you and what their own marriages and relationships have modeled about love for you. 

But what if you want to keep your dress a surprise until the ceremony? Consider meeting up right before you walk down the aisle and tuck your note in your escorts' pocket for them to find later. Or leave the envelopes on the reserved chairs for your favorite people. There's no wrong way to leave a love note. :)

marrygrams first man i ever loved card to my father wedding day

wedding day card for the family to my father marrygrams

For Each Other

The powerhouse of all of the "first looks" is, of course, with your partner to be. And this is a modern tradition we absolutely adore, (see entire blog post about it here). There is something so sweet and intimate about joining each other before the ceremony to ground yourselves and sneak a few kisses. Add a gorgeous wedding card to the mix and you'll make a magical memory you can revisit over and over again. 

And if you still want to exchange cards but don't want to see each other until the ceremony, never fear! There are plenty of creative ways to deliver your letters, whether the Best Man acts as courier or you hide yourselves on opposite sides of a door to read them "together." Whatever you decide, we've got your cards right here. 

Pro Tip: Keep your note simple and sweet and try not to plagiarize your vows too much. Focus on the anticipation of the journey you're going to embark on together and you'll hit the mark every time. 

 to my groom wedding day card marrygrams

i have loved you marrygrams wedding day card

And don't forget to share your gorgeous images with us after the wedding! We love featuring our Marrygrams Brides on Instagram!

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