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How to Support Small Businesses During Times of Crisis


Hello friends, what a wild week it's been, huh?

While things seem to be changing by the hour, a solid fact remains. Small businesses are being hit hard right now. Both in store and online, many of your favorite shops are struggling and need your support now more than ever.

So how do you continue to support local businesses safely when uncertainty looms? Especially when we understand that not everyone can afford to treat themselves to non-essentials when times are tough.

And while financial support matters, you'd be surprised how far even a simple share on Instagram stories can go for a business like ours. Because we want most of all, to stay in touch with you, our community, and continue to grow and support each other through this.

We've compiled our best tips for keeping the small businesses you love, running amidst closures and quarantines. And we are so grateful for those of you already showing up and supporting us any way you can. Snail Mail Forever. 

xx // Cheyenne & the Marrygrams Team

you cant buy happiness but you can shop local

How to Keep Supporting Local

Order Online

Just because the world is going dark, doesn't mean you have to! So many of your favorite boutiques have a website you can shop from the comfort of your couch. Including us! And we've been busy adding our own favorite products from the brick and mortar to our online shop to make your shopping experience even easier.

(Plus, because fulfilling online orders is one of the only things we are still able to do under normal day to day function, you can still expect super speedy shipping from us!)

Shop Virtually

Remember falling in love with a product in the boutique that you can't find online? Reach out! Our store inventory is larger than the website, and we are more than happy to take orders over the phone or email. If it's on Instagram, chances are it's in the shop! Slide into our DM's!

Buy Gift Cards

A great way to support local business and restaurants right now is to purchase gift cards to use at a later date. We sell gift cards both on our website and in the boutique for varying amounts. Get them here. 

Share Social Media Posts

This may not seem like much, but it's actually huge. If you aren't able to make a purchase, consider making an Instagram post! Sharing our products, blog posts, profile and stories helps us grow and reach new people exponentially. So keep hitting those likes and remember to tag us! We couldn't do this without you. 

Stay Home if You're Sick

This should go without saying, but please don't ask for an in-person shopping appointment if you are ill, exposed to someone who is ill, or recently traveled. Our staff is tiny (2 in person, 1 remote) and we can't afford to contract or spread anything from/to our customers. It's more important to take care of each other than to make a sale, so if you're coughing, stay on the couch and rest up. 

Be Patient & Kind

Remember to practice patience and gratitude with your fellow humans. This is an unnerving time for many people for many different reasons. But especially those who are putting themselves at risk daily to serve their communities. A little extra love goes a long way. Stay safe, stay healthy and be good to one another. <3

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