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Take Care of Each Other - The Importance of Gift Giving in Times of Uncertainty


There are few things we love more in this world than a perfectly executed care package. And that is because both gifting AND giving, are the very foundation upon which this shop was built.

Creating a gift for someone you love is a magical experience, full of ritual and intention. It isn't simply the exchange of goods, but the physical manifestation of taking care. And getting to steward that process for you is an honor. We aren't just a shop. We don't just sell cute trinkets. We create and spread LOVE. In everything we do.

Get inspired to give with us today - let's create something meaningful together for someone who needs a little extra sunshine in the darkness. 

marrygrams care package

The Benefits of Gifting

Giving Feels GOOD

The argument that gifting is inherently selfish because it makes the giver feel better about themselves, is tired. Of course giving feels good. But is perceived "selfishness" a good enough reason NOT to give? Heck no! 

The pleasure you receive by giving is made meaningful by the pleasure felt by the recipient. You're experiencing a direct hit of dopamine by putting someone else's needs before your own. And that is a beautiful thing.

Motives don't matter half as much as action. So if you want to make yourself feel better by sending a loved one a care package more power to you. If only more people were as "selfish" as you. :)

Giving Inspires MORE Giving

Have you ever experienced the chain reaction giving tends to have? When a simple act of kindness sparks another, and another, and before you know it your own simple act circles the world and finds it's way home to you? It's truly magic to behold. 

One of my favorite personal practices is to celebrate "Friend Care Friday" - in which I send a friend or loved one $6 for their morning latte. I've been doing this for over a year now and the ritual has become sacred among my circle, with many of my friends adopting the practice themselves. 

It has taught me that shared kindness will undoubtedly inspire. And every time you send something good out into the world, it will grow and change and become something good for someone else too. 

Giving Makes a DIFFERENCE

Giving of any kind has a direct impact on the life of somebody else. Even if it's a silly "just because" card, your sending it affects change. You'll brighten not only your loved one's day, but the day of the makers and artists that you purchased it from. And that's just the beginning! 

When you support small businesses and local artists you are helping someone achieve a dream. You're feeding families and sending shop dogs to obedience school and keeping the heart of your community not only alive, but thriving! 

Which begs the age old question: If you buy a card in Colorado does the artist who made it in Arizona feel the love? ... You bet they do. And they send it right back. ❤️

Giving Teaches SACRIFICE 

When you give, you are not just sending a gift - but a part of yourself. Giving requires sacrifice and for you to put the needs of others before your own. Even if you know you're going to feel good at the end of it. That sacrifice may take the form of money, time or energy, but it is always there, ready to teach you. Let it. 

Giving is EASY

You don't need a mass of wealth to be a master of giving. You just need to pay attention. Yes, giving can be in the form of a care package or money, but it can also be a card, phone call or a plate of cookies. The important thing is that you noticed a friend in need and that inspired you to do something kind for them. It's really that simple. Spread kindness. Share the good. Start a chain reaction!

Recipe for a Marrygrams Care Package

Building the perfect care package is the easiest recipe to follow. You'll never mess it up, and there are ALWAYS available substitutions. But it can feel daunting to begin. So we've compiled our favorite things to consider including when creating mailbox magic for someone you love. 

marrygrams care package

Something to EAT

It's called COMFORT food for a reason! Snacks are one of the first things I plan when sending a care package. And our small batch caramels from McCrea's Candies always make the list. Or I toss in something I know the recipient hasn't tried on their own, like our Sparkling Pink Chocolate Rosé Gummy Bears, can you say decadent?

marrygrams care package caramels

Something to WEAR

Including something wearable is always a sweet idea. Whether it's a gorgeous crystal bracelet, hand knit wool headband, or a silly pair of socks, your recipient will be reminded of you and this moment every time they wear their gift. Like a little hug they can carry around with them all the time. 

marrygrams care package silly socks

Something to PAMPER

It's not really a care package without some quality bath products, right?! :) Anything you can toss in to help your giftee relax and treat themselves is a win in our book. Sugar scrubs, bath bombs, lotions, soaps, and eye masks all have the power to turn an ordinary afternoon into one of luxury. All thanks to you!

marrygrams care package

Something to SMELL

Scent is an excellent force of healing and bonding. And giving someone a physical reminder of your love and friendship is intimate and powerful. Send them your favorite candle, or a perfume roller in your signature scent. They'll never smell lavender without smiling and thinking of you from here on out.  

marrygrams care package

Something to CREATE

Including an activity with intention in your care package is a great way to keep your recipient interacting with your goodies long after the caramels are eaten. I love sending these guided self exploration journals from Meera Lee Patel - or a blank notebook and a fresh set of pens - so they can explore their creativity at their own pace. 

marrygrams boutique care package

Something to READ 

This might come as a shock to you, but the one product you absolutely MUST include in your care package is...a card! It doesn't matter if you pop it right in the mailbox itself or stick it inside a box full of gifts, the card is essential.

Because the real gift you are sending, is your love. However that manifests in the treasures you choose to send is up to you. But the card is the place everyone begins when they open a package for a reason.

It holds the story, the heart, and the meaning. 

Send some love today.

miss you already marrygrams plane card

And don't forget we can send your care package directly to your person! Include your gift message in checkout and we'll make sure every ounce of love gets added.

Magic in the Mailbox begins at Marrygrams

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