The Marrygrams Gift Guide - Valentine's Day 2020

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The Marrygrams Gift Guide - Valentine's Day 2020


Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and it's no secret that we are big fans of the holiday of love. We believe it's a sacred thing to set aside special time to celebrate human connection, and we're here to advocate for hopeless romantics everywhere. 

Because contrary to popular belief, Valentine's Day was NOT created by the greeting card industry to sell cards. (Although we won't ever knock an excuse to send a love letter.) And while we certainly would love it if you gave your beloved a card and gift from Marrygrams this year, it's really the spirit of the season we're head over heels for. 

First, A Little History

Valentine's Day has roots in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, traditionally signifying the coming of spring. But its celebration differed greatly from our modern holiday. Violent and bloody, people would celebrate with animal sacrifice and random coupling to ward off evil spirits and usher in the season of fertility and birth. 

Lupercalia was officially replaced with "St. Valentine's Day" by Pope Gelasius at the end of the 5th century, but didn't come to represent romantic love until closer to the 14th century. And while there is some speculation on the specific Saint Valentine the day is named after, there is a common legend that it was named for a saint who defied orders and secretly married couples to spare husbands from war. Hence the modern day association of great gestures and grand romantic love. 

Paper valentines as we have come to know them started appearing in the 1500's. They traditionally featured Cupid; the Roman god of love, hearts, red roses and birds, as the avian mating season begins at the same time. It became common to send them with flowers and candies in the United States in the 1800's and the tradition has lived on today.  

The Marrygrams Gift Guide - Treats for your Sweet

Have you been struck by Cupid's Arrow? Us too! So we've compiled a special gift guide for you and yours below. From classic gifts to grand gestures, Marrygrams is your one stop Valentine's Day shop. 


You'd be hard pressed to find a Valentine combination more iconic than cards and candy. So why fix what isn't broken? Our Valentine collection is the perfect way to express your undying devotion. Printed on our signature shimmer stock with plenty of room inside to write, these aren't just cards, they're keepsakes. 

Once you've found your card, take a chance and skip the chocolate cliche this year with these delicious, small batch caramels. Handmade in Boston and available in a variety of flavors, they're the fastest way to anyone's heart. (Pro Tip - they also melt beautifully and make an incredible sundae sauce!)

Date Idea: Order a few different flavors, pair them with your favorite wines and have a caramel tasting!  

valentines day cards and gifts, caramels


Valentine's Day may not be all declarations of gooey love for you and yours, and that's okay! Get silly and swap socks that match your partner's personality and they'll be touched by your thoughtfulness. Plus they will think of you every time they wear them, keeping the spirit of Valentine's Day alive well into the rest of the year. 

Date Idea: Go on a Mini-Golf date in your new socks - the crazier the outfits the better. 

silly sock valentines day gift couples


Looking to go above and beyond this Valentine's Day? We have gifts for you too! Treat her to a new gorgeous piece of jewelry or hand knit merino wool hand warmers, and she will carry a piece of your heart with her everywhere she goes. 

Date Idea: Go beyond the standard candlelight dinner date and take a cooking class together instead!

valentines day romantic gift jewelry merino wool hand warmers

Galentine's Day

Not celebrating with a lover this year? Or maybe you just want to pamper yourself instead? Galentine's Day is the holiday for you!

Made popular by Parks and Recreation, "Galentine's Day" is a day to celebrate your lady friends. This occurs on February 13th and has quickly become a cult holiday in it's own right. So gather your besties (or your bridal party!), write each other notes and exchange gifts in celebration of sisterhood. These fun coin purses, sugar scrubs, perfume rollers and ring dishes will make all of your girls feel loved and pampered, we promise. 

Date Idea: Host a pot-luck brunch and go all out on the cheesy decorations. 

galentines day gifts for bestie bridesmaids


Whether you're celebrating love that is new or old, romantic or platonic; Valentine's Day is the perfect time to check in with your relationships and express your gratitude for all of the wonderful people in your life. And we definitely have the card for that.

Shop all of the cards and treats above right here at <3 

Happy Valentine's Day! 


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