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Choosing Your Maid of Honor - A How to Guide


Choosing your maid of honor is a big decision. And having to place one of your friends above the rest is not an easy task. Especially when you add family into the mix. So where do you begin? And what are your obligations? And how do you ask one person without hurting the other's feelings? Have no fear, Marrygrams Bride! Choosing your maid of honor should be a fun experience. Follow our guide below to help ease your anxiety and choose the right gal for the job.

choosing your maid of honor

Who are you closest to?

This is the most important thing to consider when choosing your maid of honor. Who is your first pick? Forget about any guilt and really think about who is going to be there for you 100% of the time leading up to your wedding. That's the person you want to choose. You are not obligated to ask a friend to be your maid of honor just because you were hers. And you are not obligated to offer it up to your sister just because of your family ties. Choosing your bridal party shouldn't be about people pleasing. The girls you have standing next to you should be exactly who you want. And while you should address the situation with sensitivity and compassion, at the end of the day it is YOUR wedding, and your decision.

What about family?

Now, if you have a large friend group and you want to avoid singling any one of them out, choosing a family member may be the easier way to go. While your girlfriends might be disappointed, they will also understand that "family comes first." But remember, this is about choosing the right person for you. So even if you're trying to neutralize friend drama, make sure your family pick is also up to the task.

What about two?

There's no hard and fast rule that says you have to have only one MOH. So ask a few! This is a great way to divide up the responsibilities if your top picks are also busy people.

Can't choose? What about zero?

There is also no rule that you have to have a maid of honor at all. If you're close to all of your girls and don't want anyone to be left out, ask them all to share the duties! Many brides give their bridal party a different name to celebrate their equality as well. Whether you have a Bride Tribe, Squad, or Girl Gang - this is a great way to share the wealth and keep everybody happy. (Bonus points if you ask them with our adorable Button Cards!)

maid of honor

What if your MOH is a dude?

Gender rules are out, and inclusivity is in! If your best friend is a guy, or you really want your brother to stand by your side, why not have a Man of Honor instead? Your bridal party is yours to choose, so go ahead and make it your own.

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