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Keep in Touch - How to Communicate Efficiently with Your Bridal Party


Congratulations Marrygrams Bride! You've chosen your bridal party and you're ready to jump right into wedding planning! But before you shoot off that group text - it's important to consider what the most effective tool (or tools) to communicate with your bridesmaids will be.

bridesmaid communication tools

Your Wedding Planning Communication Guide

The First Step

Before you decide the best way to communicate with your girls, you need to make sure they all know each other. So make introductions! If it's possible to get everyone together for a pre-planning dinner, great! But if not, take the time to send a "hello!" email to the group that includes everyone's contact information, social media handle, and a brief "about me".

The stronger bond your bridal party has, the easier wedding planning will be. So this ever important first step is essential. And after everyone has had a chance to Instagram stalk the other members, you can decide on your preferred method(s) of communication below. 

Group Text

The group text is ideal for small bridal parties of 5 or fewer members. And be sure to discuss the boundaries of this group text up front so it doesn't run away from you. Try to keep ALL communication via this method strictly wedding related. We've all been a part of a group text that went from fun to frustrating in no time at all. So keep the messages specific, and save the tangents for individual threads. 

bridesmaids bridal party communication

Email Chain

An email chain is a great way to archive your previous conversations, but can also get messy if not managed well. Tell all of your bridesmaids to respond in the SAME thread you start the original messaging from, and with REPLY ALL selected. Otherwise you'll find yourself with a dozen mismatched emails that don't include everyone that they should. This can be streamlined and made easier by creating a gmail account that is ONLY for wedding related correspondence. 

Secret Pinterest Board

Have you used the "secret board" feature on Pinterest? It's a great way to invite your bridal party to participate in the inspiration side of wedding planning. And the private feature allows for discussion among your group, and keeps your main wedding inspiration board free from clutter or additional posters.

Use it to get ideas for bridesmaid dress styles, makeup/hair inspo for the big day, and any DIY you need your bridesmaids to jump right in and do. Just make sure you remind your girls that it's an inspiration board specifically for your big day, and the aspects your bridal party will assist with.

bridesmaids group bridal party communication

Shared Google Calendar

A shared Google calendar with all important wedding and planning events is a MUST. Have everyone set up phone/email reminders and nobody will ever be left out of the loop. Dress fittings, bachelorette party planning, makeup trails - everything goes on the Google calendar. 

Private Facebook Group

If the group email/text thread isn't your speed, a private Facebook group is a very helpful tool for organizing your bridal party. You can post pictures, polls, messages and anything else wedding related all in one place. It's also easy to scroll back through and see what you've already discussed in real time. And it will link up any members of your bridesmaids who don't already know everyone, adding to the sense of camaraderie.


If you're not all located in the same place, but you need to talk to everyone at once, use Skype! It's not ideal for discussing every single little thing, but it's a great way to catch up with a group chat. Use it to make sure everyone is on the same page before big events like the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette, and the wedding day itself. 

bridesmaids bridal party communication

Any one of these tools listed above are great on the their own, but even better when used together. Find two or three that really work for you and your bridal party and start chatting! And as with any type of event planning, communication is key. Check in with your girls often and make sure you ask them for help when you need it.

And don't forget to add a few "just for fun" brunches to that Google calendar while you're at it. Remembering to maintain your friendships outside of wedding planning is just as important. (And so is thanking them with a Marrygrams card! Shop here!)

Happy Planning! 

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