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Wedding Day Gifts for Her - Surprise your Bride!


Wedding day gifts from the groom to his bride is a tradition that we just can't get enough of! In all of the chaos of the big day, a heartfelt gift is the perfect way to connect with your bride before she meets you at the end of the aisle.

To get you started, we've compiled some of the sweetest sentiments from thoughtful grooms to their brides below.

Breakfast in Bed

Wedding day gifts to your bride don't have to be large or extravagant. The best gifts often don't cost a thing. And what better way to start her day than by having her favorite breakfast delivered right to her bedside? Pro tip: Go the extra mile and cut her pancakes into hearts.
Heart Shaped Pancakes


Jewelry is a classic wedding day gift for a reason. She can wear it long after the honeymoon ends and it will make her feel as beautiful as she did on your wedding every time she does. These custom stamped necklaces from The Urban Smith are our current favorite. Your message is stamped in your own handwriting for the perfect touch of whimsy.

I Love You Necklace


We love the idea of giving your bride something she can wear. But why stop there? Choosing a custom perfume is not only thoughtful, but will invoke all of her senses every time she wears it. Weeks later, as she spritzes on her way to the grocery store, even the mundane becomes memorable. Feeling creative? Customize her very own signature scent with Unique Fragrance and she is sure to be blown away.



A Mix Tape

The romance of the mix tape has been lost in a world of unlimited music downloads. Throwback to simpler times with a mix of all of your favorite love songs. (Bonus points if you actually use a cassette tape and boombox.)

Mix Tape

The Little Things

Is your bride obsessed with Reese’s Pieces or the Times Travel Section? Have her favorite treats delivered to her throughout the day. She will be thrilled that you took the time to track down her favorite lip balm or memorize her complicated coffee order. It’s the little things that count.

Love Sweets


It’s likely that there will be plenty of flowers at your wedding, so a surprise bouquet is a wedding day gift she won’t be expecting!


A Massage

We can’t think of a better way to beat wedding day stress than to treat your bride to a pampering massage the morning of. Up the ante and make it a couple’s massage. You deserve a treat too!

Massage Suite

A Love Letter

Okay, so we may be a bit biased. But you just can’t go wrong with a handwritten letter. And if it’s written in a gorgeous Marrygrams note card? Well, that’s just the cherry on top!

Wedding Day Card For Your Spouse

Whether the gesture is big or small, remember that the best wedding day gifts for your bride are simply the ones that come from you.

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