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Thank You Notes for Wedding Vendors – Going The Extra Mile


When you start to count up all of the people who are involved in making your wedding beautiful, you’d have to take off your shoes and use your toes! And when it comes time to start dishing out thank you notes, do they all get one?

The simple answer is yes. A well crafted thank you note goes a long way with your vendors. It helps to build their client testimony and reinforces the positive outcome of their efforts. Even the smallest note of thanks is greatly appreciated.

But before you are overwhelmed by a mountain of thank you’s and the carpal tunnel that is sure to follow, check out our tips and tricks below!

Be Genuine

Take the time to personalize each note. Be sure to thank them for their time and for anything they did above and beyond your expectations. If your wedding planner brought you a latte on your venue tour, make it a point to mention her thoughtfulness.

Be Professional

Meaning, don’t use a glittery pink gel pen. Even if you became close friends throughout the process, stick with blue or black ink for your thank you notes. They are easiest to read and convey a sense of authority and professionalism.
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Beautiful weddings won’t set themselves up! Thank those vendors who make it all possible.

Write a Rough Draft

Spelling mistakes are sloppy and careless. Your vendor took great care in making sure your big day went off without a hitch, so do the same with their thank you note. Write out a first draft on scratch paper before you fill out their card.

Keep it Short and Sweet

You don’t need to write a novel to convey your gratitude. The best thank you notes are sincere, clean and absent of fluff. Don’t try to pad the note to make it look longer, it won’t translate as well as if you hit all the high points and call it good.

Hand Deliver if Possible

The only thing better than receiving a thoughtful thank you note, is receiving it in person. Bring a thank you note to your dress shop at your final fitting. If your other vendors will be at your wedding, have their cards ready and waiting for them. If your final payment is due before the big day, you can also thank in advance. This keeps your list of people to write to down to the guest list after the event. Writing thank you’s as you go along is the best way to keep them from piling up on you.

Find the Perfect Card

A thank you note specifically designed for your baker or DJ will go the extra mile than if you had just sent them a generic one. Check out all the Marrygrams wedding vendor thank you cards to find the perfect card for the people who made your big day one to remember!

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