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Wedding Photos You Don't Want to Miss


When you sit down with your photographer a week or so before your wedding, you'll create your shot list. This list of all of the wedding photos you hope to capture is essential. It puts you and your photographer on the same page creatively, and sets an expectation for the structure of your event. It also gives you an idea of poses before your portraits, so you'll be more relaxed on camera. (Don't worry, your photographer will help guide you). And while every bride is going to have a different style, there are a few standard shots you won't want to miss. Get inspired with our must have wedding day snaps below!

Pro Tip: Your shot list is a guideline, not a guarantee. So remember that you hired your photographer for a reason. Trust in their talent and vision and try not to over think it. After all, the best photos are the ones that occur naturally.

The Paper

A styled photo of your invitation suite is a great keepsake. This way you always have a beautiful image to remember your paper with, even if your physical copy gets a little worn out over the years.

wedding photos

The Rings

A close up of your rings is a must. Show off that sparkle!

wedding photos

The Preparation

Glamour shots are so fun because they capture all of the butterflies and excitement leading up to the ceremony. And who doesn't love a good makeover montage?

wedding photos getting ready

The Dress

A hanging shot of your dress on its hanger is a wedding staple for a reason. The symbolism and stillness of photographing the dress you'll be married in can make for a powerful image.

wedding photos

The Flowers

Your bouquet is a work of art, and should be treated as such. A simple close up of your flowers against your dress is the perfect way to showcase those blooms!

wedding photos bouquet

The Girls

Candid bridal party shots are a must! So take advantage of the opportunity to get a bunch of gorgeous photos of your besties looking fabulous.

wedding photos the bridal party

The Guys

Same goes for the guys! Because when was the last time you had them all in a group looking this good?

wedding photography the guys

The Bride

Solo bridal portraits before the reveal are a great option. Your hair is perfect, you're giddy with anticipation, and your dress hasn't been stepped on yet!

wedding photos the bride

The Groom

A solo shot of the groom patiently waiting for his bride to be is just too sweet. Don't forget, it's his day too! ;)

wedding photos groom

The First Look

It's no secret that we're big fans of the first look! The raw emotion of these pre-ceremony moments make for the best wedding photos.

wedding photos

The Little Ones

Celebrate the littlest members of your bridal party with one on one shots with the bride.

wedding photos

The Ceremony

You put so much thought into every tiny detail of your wedding day, make sure it's captured! Detail shots of the altar, pre-ceremony, are a great way to remember all of those little moments that came together so perfectly.

wedding photos ceremony

The Walk

Even if you did a first look, make sure your entrance is on your wedding photos shot list. This is the moment everything falls into place and becomes real. You don't want to miss those emotions.

wedding photos first look

The Vows

If unique ceremony shots from different angles are what you're after, have your photog get right up close to capture your vows.

wedding photos vows

The Kiss

This goes without saying, but no wedding album is complete without a photo of the kiss!

wedding photos ceremony the kiss

The Exit

Get a few snaps of your exit and the first photos you'll have as husband and wife will be full of pure joy.

wedding ceremony aisle photos

The Portraits

Whether it's after your first look, or after the "I do's" make sure you take some time with your new hubby for bridal portraits.

The Reception Venue

Before it's full of guests and dancing, make sure you get some detail shots of your reception venue.

wedding photos the venue

The Place Setting

Same goes for the place settings. You put a lot of time and work into choosing all of these reception elements, so make sure they aren't missed. Detail shots really set the tone and help tell the story of your entire day.

wedding photos place settings

The Cake

Just like your flowers, your cake deserves a moment in the spotlight.

wedding cake photos

The First Dance

Your first dance as husband and wife offers some great photo ops.

wedding photos first dance

The Party Candids

Don't forget about the guests! Your photographer will likely spend the majority of the reception mingling and capturing candid shots of you and your guests.

wedding reception photos

The Grand Exit

Don't let your fun send off go un-captured! Make sure your photographer knows what time you'll be heading out, so they can make any adjustments for lighting changes.

wedding photos grand exit

Did you have any unique wedding photos on your shot list? Share them with us @Marrygrams on Instagram. And don't forget to thank your photographer with a custom vendor card!

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