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Who's Who in the Wedding Party - The Guys


Your bride has chosen her posse, now it's your turn to do the same. Which of your best guys (or girls!) do you want standing next to you at the altar? Do you need ushers? And what separates your best man from the rest of the pack? Don't worry, our easy guide to wedding party responsibilities will help you decide who is in charge of the rings, who gets to plan the bachelor party and who makes sure Great Aunt Ida gets to her seat.


Wedding Party Responsibilities – The Guys

Best Man

This guy is your right hand from engagement to matrimony. He serves as the commander-in-chief of your groomsmen and his duties are limitless. From getting you to the ceremony on time to toasting the happy couple at the reception, he keeps everything running smoothly. The best man is also in charge of planning (or delegating) the bachelor party shenanigans. He is famous for his toasting abilities and provides the groom with any emotional support he may need.
Alternative titles: Best Woman, Best Person, Woman of Honor, Honor Attendant, Koumbaro (Greek Orthodox)


Made up of your closest friends and family, your groomsmen serve as back up for the best man. They pay for the bachelor party, decorate the getaway car and keep the party going on the dance floor. They also assist the bridesmaids in their unofficial hosting duties and make sure guests are happy and comfortable.
Alternative titles: Groomswoman, Groomspeople, Entourage, Groomsfolk

Junior Groomsman

Usually ages 9 to 16. Like their older counterparts, junior groomsmen will participate in all major wedding events. However, they may be excluded from x-rated bachelor parties.

Ring Bearer

The littlest member of your wedding party who has one of the biggest jobs. The ring bearer walks down the aisle before the flower girl and brings with him the wedding bands. To avoid any accidents, make sure the rings are given to him immediately before he is supposed to walk.


The ushers escort guests to their seats before the ceremony. This can be a nice way to honor those who may not be able to be involved in the planning process leading up to the big day. Many times, the groomsmen will serve as ushers in addition to their other wedding party responsibilities. This is also a popular job for the junior groomsmen to take on.

Groomsmen Cards
It takes a team to make sure that your big day runs smoothly, especially when everyone knows their wedding party responsibilities. Once you’ve chosen who you want at your side, make it official! Marrygrams “Will You” cards aren’t just for the bride’s side! And don’t forget to share your photos with us with the #marrygrams hashtag on Instagram!