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Including Healing Crystals in Your Wedding


Forget what you've heard, crystals aren't just for your wacky hippy aunt anymore. Healing crystals are used to cleanse space, ease your mind and set your intentions for what's to come, making them perfect for wedding ceremonies! Your wedding day is a day of joy, love and new beginnings. So why not take advantage of all of those good vibes? Incorporating crystal energy in your wedding is a simple, yet meaningful way to create lasting memories for both you and your guests. Follow our guide below for ideas on how to use these powerful little rocks to take your wedding to the next *spiritual* level.

The Bouquet | Celestite

Celestite carries high vibrations and calming powers, making it the perfect stone to walk down the aisle with. It will uplift your spirit and calm your nerves, sending you to your groom relaxed, bright minded and excited. This crystal is associated with the third eye, and invites the presence of angels. And who wouldn't want a few last minute angel RSVPs? And, with it's icy hue, celestite doubles as your something blue! Wire it to your bouquet to keep the energy close and near your heart.

wedding healing crystals

The Bridesmaid's Gifts | Rose Quartz

What better stone for your bridesmaids than one that embodies all things love? Rose quartz is an excellent choice for bridal party gifts. The crystal of unconditional love, rose quartz embodies everything light and lovely. It's a stone of friendship, nourishment, and compassion. Bless them with your own wishes of love and happiness before gifting to your best girls.

wedding crystals bridesmaid rose quartz

The Groomsman's Gifts | Pyrite

And for the groomsman, gifts of pyrite strike the right chord. Pyrite is a protective stone, shielding it's holder from negative energy. It's a stone of great emotional and physical health, so your guys will feel strong and clear minded when they carry it with them. And it's also a bringer of wealth and abundance, making it a great stone to gift.

wedding healing crystals pyrite groomsman

The Ceremony | Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is the Swiss Army knife of crystals. This stone imbibes that which surrounds it, making it great for absorbing all of the positive love and energy at your wedding ceremony. It also opens the heart and mind to higher guidance and balances all of your chakras. And if you're using any other crystals in your ceremony, clear quartz will simply amplify all of those positive effects as well. (See? Swiss Army knife!) Place one on each seat so your guests can hold them during the ceremony and make a wish for your newlywed life.

clear quartz wedding healing crystals

The Cake | Geodes

Geodes are filled with many different types of crystals, so the most important thing when choosing one is simply that it speaks to you. And yes, we maybe talking about sugar rocks in this particular scenario, but that is no reason not to set greater intentions for your wedding cake. Geodes represent creativity and decision making. And they are said to have properties that help you shape your own future self. So dive into this gorgeous trend in wedding cakes and envision the life you want to live with your partner when you eat it.

wedding crystals geode cake

The Table Settings | Crystal Clusters

You don't have to play favorites when you're decorating your tables. An abundance of healing powers gathered together on one table not only is great for the spirit, but it looks absolutely gorgeous. From agate place cards to a rainbow of crystal clusters in all shapes and sizes, you really can't go wrong. Choose stones that attract you visually, and charge them under a full moon before your big day for maximum vibes.

wedding table decor healing crystals

The Favors | Assorted Crystals

Healing crystals make excellent favors. Whether you go all matching or give your guests a variety of stones to chose from, this thoughtful gesture is sure to delight. Include small cards with the crystals explaining their meaning and a blessing for the future.Your guests will think back on your wedding day fondly every time they hold their crystal.

wedding favors place cards healing crystals

Are you having a crystal inspired wedding? Share it with us on Instagram using the #marrygrams. And don't forget about custom favor tags to go with your stones!



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