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Engagement Ring Maintenance - When NOT to Wear your Rock


You're engaged! Congratulations! We know how tempting it is to keep your sparkly new engagement ring on your finger at all times. After all, who wouldn't want the chance to show it off at every opportunity? But if you want your ring to last, there are a few times you should never wear it. Whether it's to avoid the risk of loss, or just to keep in clean, follow our guide below and your ring will be just as beautiful in 10 years as it is today.

At the Beach

The beach is full of engagement ring hazards. First of all, if you lose it in the sand or the ocean, you're out of luck. Finding it is going to be near impossible. And if you do manage to hang on to it, applying sunscreen can create a filmy build up on your stone. And worst of all is the sand itself. If tiny grains wedge their way in between your setting, it's going to be very difficult to remove them. Not to mention the corrosive quality of sand against your stone.

In the Shower or Bath

Body wash, shampoo and conditioner all wreck havoc on your stone. Over time it will become cloudy and muddy. And this problem just gets worse if you get any of your products underneath the stone, making it much harder to clean. So make a habit of keeping a ring dish or box in your bathroom to keep it safe while you suds up.

Applying Makeup

As a general rule, if you're applying product of any kind, take off your ring. Makeup, hair products and lotions will discolor your stone and make it very difficult to clean.

In Pools or Hot Tubs

While the risk of loss is significantly less in a pool or hot tub (it's a small area and you'll most likely find a missing item in the filter) you still should avoid wearing your ring in chlorinated water. Your stone will be fine, but the metal of your band will corrode and discolor over time.

At the Gym

Sweat and shared equipment are a bad combination for your engagement ring. Keep it safe in your locker while you work out to avoid unnecessary grime build up.

Household Chores and Cleaning

The cleaners you use on your oven and counter tops are meant to break things down. If you have a stone that isn't a diamond, they will start to do the same thing. So either find yourself a big pair of rubber gloves or keep your ring safe in it's box when you're scrubbing.

In the Garden

Every once in a while there's a funny news piece on a woman finding her long lost ring squeezed around a carrot in her garden. And while it's good for a chuckle, we really don't want that to be you. Anytime you're planning on pulling weeds or planting, leave your ring safe inside.

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Oops! You Wore it Anyway, Now What?

We get it. Sometimes you forget to take it off and bad things happen. But don't worry! If you've lost your ring our blog post here will help you track it down or replace it. And if it's just in need of some TLC you can create a simple home remedy of very hot water and little bit of dish washing soap. Soak your ring for about 30 minutes and then gently scrub it with a clean soft bristled toothbrush. Of course, it's always best to leave the heavy duty cleaning to the professionals. We recommend taking your ring to a jeweler once or twice a year for a thorough cleaning. And keeping up with the home remedy every 2 or 3 weeks to keep it looking its best.

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